7 Video Marketing Trends 2019 That You Might Need To Keep Up With

Video marketing continues to support ways for businesses to communicate online. The use of different platforms gives a small business the opportunity to interact with their audience, convey a story, and promote products. With the increasing impact of social video today, it is crucial for companies to rethink their existing strategies. Here are seven 2019 video marketing trends that businesses need to apply.

Level Playing Field

The availability of social video in platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to communicate with their audience. The ease of access to these sites allows startups and small enterprises to compete with big brands. It gives companies the chance to market their products or services and tell a story without spending too much.

Value of Authenticity

Video marketing in 2019 continues to put forward the significance of authenticity. For companies to increase their audience should continue to develop content that demonstrates a genuine effort to connect to a personal level. Audiences seek to find stories where they will find connections. Consult with your preferred video production company San Francisco to determine particular strategies available.

Storytelling as Hook

The production of videos by businesses should focus on storytelling. A valuable trend in 2019 involve audiences seeking to develop connections with brands. Through video content, users can ascertain the core values of the company and impact trust and loyalty. Make sure to communicate with your preferred video production agency to discover ways to improve your hook to audiences.

Educational Content

Part of the process of adding value to clients is through the creation of educational content. Companies need to recognize that marketing their products alone does not help increase revenue or sales. Instead, the strategy should focus on assisting visitors to solve a problem. A video production company San Francisco can help you create compelling how-to product videos and educational information.


Social video today also features the opportunity for collaboration. Companies and brands approach specific influencers with a significant number of followers to market their product. Through their reviews and honest opinions, they offer insights on why people should trust the brand. The ability to spread information through these influencers support growth and revenue generation.

Short-Lived Content

Businesses also need to integrate into their marketing strategy the use of short-lived content. Instagram stories help businesses further establish authenticity. Moreover, the strategy allows audiences to receive short updates. Furthermore, companies can remain relevant to their existing viewers by giving them snippets of information they need.

Structured Approach to Social

The creation of social video in 2019 also features a more structured approach. It means that businesses should determine the most effective way to present videos on different social platforms. Rather than creating one video and sending it to all social media channels, companies should identify the type of content they need to post on each one. The strategy helps respond to user behavior and maximize the effort for content creation.

Overall, social video is an integral tool that businesses need in 2019. The trends above emphasize the necessity of planning the creation and distribution of video content. With the help of a reputable video production company San Francisco, you get the opportunity to assess your niche and come up with compelling and relevant information to support business growth.

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