How to Increase website traffic through social media

There are some of the top-notch social media and other sites available, that you must not ignore or must use a major part of social media-based marketing strategy. Even though the traffic quality of social media cannot be matched with that of the organic one, it is always very important. It can always help you to keep the current bounce rate low, which is presumably noted to be one of the multiple ranking signals as used by Google. If you are interested in facebook marketing check the link.


It is widely noted as the social network you would call to be the biggest social networking website after Facebook. If you end up being popular on this social media channel then the posts are most likely to be right at the top of the chart or list. You need to share vibrant images and engaging videos to get most of this platform. You can add your site link in the bio section. Instagram also allows the users to direst the people to your landing page via Instagram stories using swipe up feature. But the account with over 10 k followers can use this feature to get more traffic on their sites. It is good to buy Instagram likes and followers to increase your Instagram followers.

  • Reddit for your use:

When Digg failed drastically, it was Reddit that survived. It is not the Twitter or FB that killed Digg but Reddit did it. If you ever end up constructing a content which happens to be viral, then Reddit will be the one to send you massive traffic that you have asked for. All you have to do is ensure that you use social media-based timing signals for sharing accurate content just at the right time.

  • Mix:

Mix was previously strumbled upon that is one social media platform, which might not be that popular like Twitter or FB, but has a stronghold over followers and members. This social bookmarking platform is used for sending good traffic during initial blogging periods. It is really hard to pinpoint the number of active users on this platform even though research shows somewhat around 40 million, which is not a small number. It is not going to take you more than 5 minutes to just share the web page on this social bookmarking platform, so it is worth giving a try. You don’t have any liberty to miss out on any possible signal opportunity to send traffic for sure.

  • MySpace for you now:

MySpace might not have that stronghold as it used to during the initial days but it is included as one of the most popular examples of social networking sites. In the year 2006, it even surpassed Google as the most visited website on a survey done in the USA. So, it is safe to add the name in this list as well.

These are a few of the many spaces for you to try out when you are planning to build your website. The more you research, the better deals you will come up with for sure.

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