9 Tips To Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

A lot of people are under the impression that traveling for business is an opportunity to see the world. In some jobs, this can be the case, but for many, life on the road quickly becomes tiresome and lonely. Although choosing friendly and homey accommodations such as those provided by the St Louis Corporate Housing helps, that alone isn’t enough.

The next time you find yourself struggling to feel comfortable in a temporary home, try these following tips:

1 – Unpack Your Bags

Living out of a suitcase isn’t recommended at all. Do your best to unpack all of your things and give them a proper place inside your temporary house to give you a semblance of home. The simple act of hanging your clothes or putting them all in a closet has a domestic feel that will make you feel more at home.

2 – Organize Your Things

Find a place for all your things within the house. The more stuff you have all over the St Louis Corporate housing room, the more it will feel like your own home.

3 – Rearrange Furniture

If it is allowed by the property, try to rearrange the furniture the way you like it. When you have a sense of control over how the house looks from the inside you get a better feeling like you belong and that the space is truly yours, even for just a short period of time.

4 – Do Chores

Treat the temporary living space as you would your own home and pick up after yourself. Doing simple chores such as vacuuming the rugs, doing the dishes, and even laundry can help you settle in at the new place. Establishing a routine has a calming effect on the human brain which will help you adjust to the new environment quickly.

5 – The Smell Of Home

Smell has a strong connection with our memory, use this to your advantage. Bring scents that remind you of home or incense that smells exactly like home to the temporary housing to trick the brain to relax and feel safe.

6 – Bring Linens

It might be extra work and added bulk, but bringing your own set of linens to the housing will help you adjust quicker. The familiar feel of fabric when you sleep gives your brain and body a sense of peace and will help you fall asleep faster.

7 – Stay Active

Relocating to a new area for a short period of time shouldn’t be an excuse to stop exercising. Keep up with your fitness routine so you can stay grounded and feel more at home in a new area.

8 – Use The Kitchen

A corporate housing meant for short and long-term stays usually come with a kitchen. Instead of relying on to-go food during your stay in a new location, do your own cooking. This small act will make you feel like you are at home making your favorite meals in your own kitchen.

9 – Decorate!

Give the space a little touch of your personality by putting up your preferred decorations; something as small as a quirky painting on the wall will help lift your spirits every time you feel a little homesick.

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