Best Dance Fundraising Ideas

Paul Petersen

Are you looking for some fun ideas for your dance fundraiser? This article discusses some fun ideas that you can try out for your dance fundraiser. These ideas will help generate money for your dance team to fund some Bill’s that might be incurred due to all the traveling required. You can tune these ideas to meet your standards.

  • Visit Fundraising Zone

                Fundraising Zone is a family owned fundraising company with over 50 years of experience helping dancers & dance companies raise the funds they so critically need.  They offer a variety of 0 cost fundraising options that are designed to help dancers reach their goals

  • You can start dance lessons

This is another way to fundraise money for your dance team. You can start a dance lesson either at your school or at a dance school. You can take the lesson once a month or once a week, whichever pays and charge a set fee to your students. If your dance team are the ones doing the teaching, then all the money you make would be yours. You could also get commissions on your customers.

  • Movie night

You can rent a movie theatre and pick a movie that would be liked by all. You can choose a blockbuster movie such as Avengers or you can choose a family-friendly movie so that the whole family can watch it. Do a lot of advertisements. You can strike a deal with the concession stand so that you can get bonus points. You could strike a deal with a nearby eatery and earn a percentage of the same they would make for all the businesses you would send to them. You can also handout coupons after the movie and inform people on how their purchase would help your dance team achieve a goal, for example, enter a competition you have always wanted to compete in.

  • A dog wash fundraiser

People who care for their dogs would pay good money to see their pet being pampered. You can turn this into a business for your fundraising. You can offer your services to your family or friends. Many people are busy and so they don’t have time to take care of their dogs and so the dogs e d up looking unkempt. By offering to help, you would make a lot of people happy and you can even extra cash. You can also go to a pet store and buy toys for dogs and sell them during your car wash. You would earn a lot of money if you do this. Pets are the way to people’s heart and so when they see you taking care of their pets, they would be joyful because most of them have been looking for someone who would assist them in taking care of their pets. So, when you offer to help, you’re relieving them of a burden.

  • Organize a night out

You can organize a night out with your friends at a local restaurant. You can make a deal with the restaurant owner and earn a certain percentage on the total sales that are generated from the business you brought in for them. You can charge an entrance fee but make sure it is small. Create a trivia and whoever wins goes with a prize. Make it fun so that people would look forward to these types of nights. This way, you would be able to generate enough money.

  • Breakfast fundraiser

You can have students or mothers make delicious pancakes and serve them. You can set a fixed price. You can also serve a drink alongside such as coffee or fruit juice. The pancakes can come in various flavors so that everyone can enjoy it. Make sure you do a lot of advertisements so that you can be assured that it would be well supported. This idea could be fun if it is well planned.

These are a few ideas that you can try out for your fundraising event.

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