Should You Have Your Propane Tank Above or Under the Ground?

Clare Louise

If you are not using propane in your home, you are missing out! Propane fuel is not only a clean source of fuel; it is also incredibly economical,being that it cooks much faster than natural gas while using less fuel. The cost savings you can make by installing propane for your home are unmatchable. Moreover, you can use propane for most needs around your home like heating your pool, on your fireplace, in your kitchen for cooking and refrigeration, and even for cleaning and drying your clothes! If you are in Ramona and its environs, you should check out propane in Ramona to get your order and installation soonest possible.

Once a professional comes to install a propane tank in your house, you will have to choose between two options—installing an above the ground or underground tank. You should evaluate various factors to determine which is best for you.  There are propane tanks designed for each type of installation. Tanks that will be installed underground or buried need to conform to specific regulations before installation. These tanks are exposed to different conditions and elements, and installers need to take caution to ensure their long service life.  Some of these include;

  • Cathodic protection to protect them from electrolysis. Underground tanks should be fitted with an anode bag that will absorb electric currents in the earth and prevent damage to the tank.
  • A protective coating and backfill such as earth free of rocks or sand to protect the tank from the harsh environment underground.
  • Installing the tank where there will not be any activity above it, such as passing vehicles.

Before your propane installation, below are some factors you should consider

The appearance of your compound

If you feel like a propane tank will give your home an ugly look, then you should consider an underground tank. Otherwise, you can use an above the ground tank with creative fencing such as the use of hedges.

The cost of installation

Installing an underground tank will be more expensive than that above the ground. As stated above, the installers of an underground tank will need to include additional protective equipment to prevent damage to the tank under harsh underground conditions. The cost of putting down such a tank can be triple that of an above the ground tank.

The temperature of your home place

Underground tanks can handle extreme temperatures especially cold ones. The earth warms these tanks, enabling them to perform to function optimally even when temperatures deep. If you live in extremely cold areas, installing an underground tank can be more effective.

The water table

If you live in an area where the water table is near the surface, an underground tank will float in case of rain. In such places, an above the ground tank is the best option.


Underground tanks are costlier and more difficult to maintain. These tanks need regular inspection of their anticorrosion component to ensure that the tank is in good condition. If the component is damaged, you will need to replace it.

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