Your Smartest Choices for the best Sports Betting Sites

For his signup bonus, Zebet did not opt ​​for the 1st lost bet paid off like the majority of bookmakers including Sports betting and Netbet. Even if “the little bettors” will have trouble getting the € 150 bonus, the Zebet bonus will allow players who have deposited only € 20 to quadruple their initial deposit because the € 60 are very easily attainable and even withdrawable. Indeed, to get 60 € bonus on Zebet, you just have to deposit 20 €, to validate your account and to bet twice 1 €. To remove them, you must play them once at any odds.

  • However, for a “small bettor”, it will be very difficult to get the bonus of € 150 because, for this, you have to bet at least € 900 in two months.
  • For a “little bettor”, the bonus Zebet revolves more around 100 €, which is still non negligible.
  • As you can see, this bonus is very attractive for all types of bettors.

General information

Zebet is an online betting site that won its ARJEL license in mid-May, just before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was founded by ZEturf, the number 2 online horse betting competitor in France, behind the unavoidable PMU. Like Netbet, Genybet, Joaonline, Feelingbet and France Pari, this bookmaker uses the Sportnco infrastructure which is a subsidiary created by France Pari. The odds of these four bookmakers and the markets offered are very similar because the margins applied are identical.


The 토토사이 ratings are relatively high for the French market. Indeed, this bookmaker is part with Sports betting site and Sports betting  , bookmakers offering the best odds, especially on paris 1N2.

With regard to handicap and Over or under betting, you can turn to a bookmaker like Sports betting.

Live bets

ZEbet’s Live is a little disappointing compared to the rest of the site, especially for players who do not bet on football or tennis. Indeed, Zebet is content to offer an interesting offer on big football games and tennis. Regarding rugby for example, the choice of bet in LIVE is very thin.

PMU offers you 25% of the amount of wagered (up to € 100) during the 60 days following your registration on this bookmaker as follows:

25% of your sporting stakes committed in the first 15 days following your registration within the limit of 25 €. And so on until the 60th day.

Get The Pmu Bonus Of 100 €

Example of use of the bonus

  • Register on the site via this link
  • Then create an account in minutes
  • Deposit up to 100 € on your account (minimum deposit: 5 €)
  • Bet 100 € minimum within 15 days of your registration and get 25 €
  • Bet 100 € minimum between the 16th and the 30th day following your registration and receive 25 €
  • Repeat the process until the 60th day.


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