What do pawn shops sell?

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If you’re strapped for cash and you can’t get a loan, your friends, or even your neighbors to purchase anything from you a pawn shop may be the next best option. Pawnshops purchase items from everyday people and then turn around and sell it back to the public. It’s similar to a thrift shop except a thrift shop doesn’t normally have real diamonds and antiques like a pawn shop will.

How do you sell to a pawn shop?

If you’re looking to sell your items to a pawn shop owner, you’ll want to go into the pawn shop and ask the owner what items they currently have a demand for and then ask if you can show them something you have for sale.

They’ll likely offer to see it on the spot, so have it with you. An appraisal will happen and if you accept, they’ll give you the cash for the item and you’ll sign it over to them.

What does a pawn shop purchase?

Pawn shop owners will purchase items that they know they can sell right away, so they make their money back. For instance, in your area, you may have a need for local antiques whereas another pawn shop may find watches are better for their clientele.

Here’s a list of common items a pawn shop will purchase and then resell:

  • Metals like gold, platinum, and silver
  • Diamonds, pearls, and gems
  • Jewelry both vintage and new
  • Watches name brand and less popular brands
  • Guns or other war memorabilia
  • Tools for just about any construction and handyman worker
  • Electronics
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Video games and video game systems
  • Antique furniture like an armor or vintage clock

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