Food Social Media and the People Behind Its Popularity

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If you love social media, you may have experienced this situation, an instance where you are suddenly craving for a meal because you saw it on a social media page. Well, it happened to me too countless times. This scenario only emphasizes how social media influences our eating habits. Apart from the fact that social media stimulates your appetite, there are other reasons why food social media is a good trend. 

Health experts such as dieticians, nutritionists, brands that promote healthy habits, and chefs take to social media to offer professional health advice. Many people have completed healthy weight loss, weight gain, even alcohol detox journeys just by following advice and guidance on certain food social media pages. 

Now, it is easy to know the health benefits of certain foods without visiting your healthcare provider. People are also discovering new food items; seeds, fruits, and many others every day, thanks to social media. 

Discover and make new cuisines

Have you ever tried a new dish you saw on social media? If you have not, you should try it sometime. It adds variety to your meals. Thanks to social media, we have been exposed to cuisines that are foreign to our culture. In the past, ramen was only limited to the Asian countries, street tacos were a meal mainly for Mexicans, but now people all over the world are trying them out. 

They are not only visiting restaurants to try out these foods, but they are also making them at home. It is no longer difficult to find recipes for these meals; food social media pages usually offer step-by-step instructions on making them. This means that people will need to try out vegetables, fruits, or other food items because of these new recipes. This also means that they will be exposed to nutrients that they have not experienced. 

Now let’s talk about the people behind it and how they make it work. 

Most of the time, the people who influence food trends on social media are the food brand promoters, vloggers, chefs, nutritionists, and dieticians. You would wonder how they manage to influence the mass the way they do. 

They tend to offer social media users what they are looking for. They provide valuable information about meals and recipes. They have created reputations that people can trust. People will only trust you with their health and stomach if they know that you are credible enough. 

They also know a lot about food presentations and how to catch the attention of food lovers. They present foods in attractive setups, creative article and clear photos. Even the caption can sometimes bring you on board. These people also know the tactics of getting more people to see their posts. After all, if no one sees what you have posted, you don’t influence anyone with it. 

 The next time you wonder about the faces behind those sumptuous delicacies when you log into social media, think about the experts who are dedicated to expanding your knowledge on food.


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