Ultimate guide of InfoMovie Marketing: The New Kind of Article Marketing

A few years back article marketing was very famous. I learned about article marketing from the famous Travis Sago who coined the term bum-marketing.It basically means sitting at home like a bum, writing articles and submitting them to ezine articles and linking to affiliate products in clickbank.But the method has been over used and also in the recent panda and penguin update ezine articles and other article marketing sites have lost their rankings.

  • People who had authority blogs in certain niches were the only ones who were not affected by the algorithm update provided they did not build any bad backlinks to their blog. Now there is still a huge opportunity in such marketing but now it’s going to be different. What if you can treat YouTube like ezine articles?
  • Post videos and link to your blog, squeeze page or affiliate product (through domain redirect) in your video’s description section of YouTube.
  • But you may ask: “creating videos is not as easy as writing an article!”
  • Here’s where I want to talk about Infomovies. An Infomovie is a presentation style video with words and pictures. It also has a voice narration going along with it. It is an audiovisual representation of an idea or piece of information.
  • Such videos are famous on YouTube now and getting a lot of YouTube views. Some of my infomovies have crossed 200,000 views and still going strong generating 1000+ views per day.
  • I have advertised my domain name in the video as well as linked to it in the description.
  • I am getting 50 visitors per day from 50+ videos combined out of 10 have kicked off in YouTube. I uploaded these 50 videos 3 years back. And this is just 1 niche I am talking about!
  • And I consider these visits more valuable than those highly targeted PPC ad clicks. Why? Because if people search for a keyword in Google and just click an ad in the sponsored links, it identifies that they need what we offer. However for the same search keyword if they land on our video (either through YouTube internal search or Google search which gave a YouTube video result) they watch the whole video and then visit my domain / URL. Now it means they want and need what I have to offer. This traffic is more valuable than the clicks originating from the PPC ads.
  • The only downside to this method is that it takes time for the videos to get good traction. If you create 100 videos for a niche and upload it to a YouTube channel in 3 months and do some social promotion for your YouTube videos, in time the videos will start getting views. Then it will get comments, likes, and shares. Such engagement will increase your video’s value in the eyes of YouTube and they will put your video in related videos more often and higher in the YouTube search results. But the investment will pay off (provided you create videos of high value).

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