The Finer Limits of Horoscope Now

Clare Louise

Astrological symbols are images that help to better understand the character traits of individuals. The combination of different astrological symbols forms a coherent whole, making it possible to define the personality of an individual with his or her strengths and weaknesses. Through the interpretation of this combination of symbols, the […]

How to Shop for Christmas on a Budget

April Wilcox

There is no denying that nowadays Christmas has become an exceptionally expensive time of year. But while some gleefully look forward to this festive time, others are worried sick about getting themselves into debt to ensure that their family has the ‘perfect Christmas.’ Christmas is meant to be a time […]

Sumptuary Rebellion: Looking Good In Spite of Yourself

Carol Graham

Attire and societal standards have always maintained an interesting and sometimes complicated relationship in western culture. It wasn’t so long ago that aesthetics accessories like minimal makeup or the prodigious array of hats for women were considered reliable indicators of one’s social value – not to mention one’s morality. Today, of course, they primarily […]

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