An Ultimate Guide to the Spa Therapies That You Must Before Your Wedding

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Are you heading towards your d-day soon? The extensive wedding planning paired with the endless shopping spree, running after the vendors, getting things in place can be a tiresome work. Being the bride the stressful time is sure enough to hamper you. You defiantely would not want to appear at your wedding with a tired look, a dull face. A bride is considered as the epitome of beauty and grace. Dressed in red adorned in her bridal ensemble the bride with her killer looks steals the limelight. 

Are you gearing up to be swoon worthy bride? Planning to get married in the industrial hub Punjab? You must have then booked the top makeup artist in Chandigarh. No matter which makeup artist or which brand of makeup you opt for with a dull skin you cannot look a perfect bride. To get rid of the stress and let your body at ease you need to pamper yourself with an invigorating spa session. Here are some of the best spa therapies that would rejuvenate you and enable you to look like a glowing and blushing bride.

1. Herbal Soft

Soften your skin and pamper your senses as you treat it with the goodness of herbal bath. The pre wedding rituals call for skin pampering for the bride that rejuvenates her and makes ready for her big day. Herbal bath that use rose bath salts, crystals paired with rose oil, colored flowers and Moroccan lamps enhances the reinvigorating experience. Connect with the roots as you opt for a traditional herbal bath that makes use of herbs such as Triphala chrna or mulgari churna which are added to the water or milk. The traditional bath offers a tranquil and beautifying wholesome experience. A traditional herbal bath treats you with the goodness of herbs cures skin disorders and has cooling and refreshing abilities.

2.  Massages

Wedding is a tiresome affair and with all the rituals and ceremonies the bride is under immense pressure and undergoes through stress. If you’re a bride to be then de stress yourself with an indulgent Ayurvedic massage session.The Ayurvedic massage enables you to get rid of the accumulated body toxins and restores the energy balance making you to feel relaxed and refreshed. The masseur with the vigorous massage stroke balances the energy centers of the body. A variety of massages are available in the market like Abhyanga(hot oil massage), Thai massage, Shirodhara(herbal oil massage),Chinese massage, Tanlepa(oil massage followed by a wrap).The relaxing massage sessions uplift your mood and make you a energized bride ready for her big day.

 The massage sessions are usually accompanied by invigorating wraps and scrubbing sessions. The wraps and scrubs get rid of the dead skin cells, remove tanning thus leaving the skin with a natural glow. Mediterranean sojourn which is a luxe scrub comprising of marine salt, brown sugar, lemon that known for its softening properties and Egyptian scrub comprising of milk bath with brown algae extracts, gold flecks that offer a silky smoothness to the body are the scrubs mostly opted by the brides to-be. An intensive scrubbing session paired with a de stress full body massage is all a bride needs to bust the fatigue.

3. Pedicure

At a wedding a bride is the centre of attraction, she is considered as the epitome of beauty and perfection. Every attribute of the bride is taken into account which is why she needs to be perfect from head to toe. With the harsh weather tanning of the skin is normal, although we sunscreens and lotions protect the skin from the damage but the biggest skin woes is tanning and roughness of the feet. You would not want to show up at your wedding with a sun tanned feets as it would degrade your bridal charm. Spa foot therapies, pedicures that are available in a multiple varieties such as rose, chocolate, herbal oil, lime and honey treatment enable to get rid of the tanning removes the dead cells and roughness of the foot.

4. Salt Therapy

 Salt is one the basic ingredient that consists of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities. The salt therapy is one the latest wellness trends. Checking in a salt room helps you to combat respiratory ailments and leaves you to feel calm and refreshed. The salt treatment also cleanses your skin and leaves it with a natural glow.

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