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Located in the southern region of the USA, Texas has been a popular destination among tourists and travelers from all around the world. Some of the most popular cities of the USA, such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, Arlington, and San Antonio, are a few cities in the state of Texas. Apart from offering great tourist destinations, desserts, and flourishing cities that state of Texas is also known as the home of several distinguished celebrities. Some of the most celebrated actors such as Amy Acker, Jim Parson, Selena Gomez, and Allison Paige were all born and raised in the state of Texas. Here we are going to talk about these celebrities in detail.  

Here is our list of top American actors from Texas USA:

Amy Acker:

Amy Acker, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, was the oldest of the four siblings; she has two sisters and a younger brother. After graduating from the high school of Lake highlands, she started her acting major at Southern Methodist University. She got to act at several collage theater events before graduating. 

She also made several special appearances in a popular TV series of mid 90’s the Wishbone. This series was filmed in Texas and was consisted of theater performers of Dallas. After that, she got a role in several blockbuster movies and made a mark in the industry.

Jim Parsons:
Born in raised in Houston, Jim Parsons has been on the stage since the age of 6. After graduating high school, he went to the University of Houston to study acting. After finishing his studies, he got scouted for several movies due to his natural talent in acting.

Selena Gomez:
Every 90’s kids know Selena Gomez for her Disney TV series and films, and she was also born in Texas. You can check out her biography to know more about her career.

Allison Paige:

Allison Paige was in Refugio, Texas, and by the age of 11, she started performing clubs of Texas alongside Whiskey River. Her first-ever solo got the 72nd spot on the hot country singles and tracks in May 2000. Since then, Allison Paige has been on the radar for her great music.

Michelle Rodriguez:  

Michelle Rodriguez is known for her touch-girl roles due to her constant showcase of beauty and brawn. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, and she is known for her remarkable work in fast and furious and several other blockbuster films.

Written by Paul Petersen

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