Web.com Reviews Shares How to Tune Up Your Windows 10 PC for Free

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Working on a Pc or playing games with our Windows PC can be pretty fun due to the high compatibility and customizations offered by the widely popular Operating System. However, as time goes by, the system gets buggy, boots up slowly, and doesn’t remain as responsive as it used to be. According to Web.com Reviews, you can either opt for a paid third-party solution or just tune it up yourself with a little bit of patience without spending a dime.

The Ways

Here are some ways you can tune up your Windows 10 PC for free:

  1. Run the Defragmenter – Data stored on your hard drive isn’t stored in the form of a linear stack of data packets. Instead, it is stored all over the HDD (Hard Drive Disk) and while reading large game files or 4K movies, load times shoot up phenomenally. With Disk Defragmentation, you basically bring those scattered bits of data closer to cut down on load time.

Just type “defrag” on the search box of your taskbar and open the ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ option when it shows up. Once the new software window is open, you can select the disk you want to defragment and click on Analyze. This enables the tool to scan your hard disk and display the percentage of fragmentation. After that, all you need to do is click on Optimize and let the tool repair your hard disk.

  1. Make use of Storage Sense – This is an extremely useful feature that is turned off by default for probably an unexplainable reason. However, to keep your system in pristine condition, this is indispensable. Storage Sense detects unimportant files automatically and kicks in when your PC is running low on storage.

Basically, files like those that have been deleted and are sitting on your recycle bin for a final dump are cleared out when you lack storage space. Go to the search box once again and type in “storage”. Select System Settings>Storage once it appears and you can see the option right below your storage devices. You can also schedule it to run according to your requirements.

  1. Control App Start-Up Times – Everyone knows the drill for Task Manager. You either press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Task manager from the options like a normal person or search for “task manager” in the search box. As you go from left to right, you would come across a tab called “Startup” on the Task Manager window.

Here you can find all the apps and software that startup with the operating system and their impact on boot time. Identify the apps which aren’t necessary to start up with Windows by preference or by their impact on boot time. Right-click on the app and choose the Disable option to prevent apps from starting up from the next boot.


Web.com Reviews suggests that you sweep around a bit more through the settings of Windows 10. These are useful tips to tune up your PC for free, but they are just the start.

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