How to Increase Church Guest Follow Up

Only creating a pleasant atmosphere in the church premises won’t help you anymore to gather more people to your church. You must have some innovative ideas to increase Church guest follow up. The efforts of the church committee must not stop even after the first visit of the newcomers.

Here we have some Practical Ideas for following up with the Church Guest::

  • It’s the era of technology and inventions. So technology is the only tool that will be proved a benefactor in the process of following up.
  • The process of following up varies from church to church, but one thing must be common there and that is modification.
  • The guest following team must be trained to remain independent sothe process must be people-focused.
  • Before doing anything it is very important to set a target audience. After that, it will be wise to take the help of good Church management software.

The process Church Guest Follow-upbegins with the outreach of the committees’ plan. You can begin by sending greetings at the beginning of the week. Handwritten notes are a more efficient way of connectivity. It bears a sense of concern. Stopping here won’t be a good idea. Extend the conversation by sending replies to the guests.

Calling or sending voicemail is a great initiative but you have to do it pleasantly. If some people didn’t pick up the call they will listen to the voicemail surely. Sending an email as a notification that you called is also helpful.

The guests who are not turning up even after performing these steps, they need some special nurturing. The time is ripe now for visiting the guests in person.

Meeting the guests might look tough. But it won’t that hard if you follow a common method while talking to them. The method is ‘FORM’. It is nothing but a code that you should follow while talking. F stands for family, begins the talk with asking about their family then O means occupation, you should move on the process by asking about their occupation, what work they do, etc. R is for recreation, to socialize yourself you can ask something personal about them, like what they do in free time. And lastly, M is for the method of communication. You can ask about their phone number to get connected.

Using their names, mentioning their kids at the time of chatting will help the process. One must bear a personal tone at the time of talking.

So set up your mind to help the visitors to spread the love of Jesus instead of looking for benefits.

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