Supply Chain Problems And How Automation Can Solve Them

When the word automation is heard, some folks seem to confuse the meaning as to that of robots taking over the world and dominating humans like those futuristic sci-fi movies. It is somehow related to that meaning but not entirely, as automation involves reducing human labor, increasing productivity and less of human enslaving and all that. So what is supply chain automation? How does it work? What are some common crowns involved in the supply chain?

Supply Chain

The supply chain is a very complex and confusing part some may say. It’s true though from the angle being looked at. So how does the supply chain work? It is like a moving part with many varieties, from the manufacturer who made or created the product to the warehouse where the products are then stored for order, then it reaches its final destination after being ordered, which is the client or customer.  All of which are being stored as data during the movement of the product in the company’s database.  We personally recommend IntelLiDrives as a manufacturer of automated solutions.

Some Common Problems With Supply Chain

Have you ever heard the saying, “every day isn’t always a good day”, it’s simple, short and clear? Something similar happens in the supply chain where the supply chain process encounters problems. These are situations that could get out of hand or out of control without intervention. But first, let’s check out some of the common problems the supply chain encounters.

Expectation Time Of The Customer

One thing is certain when it comes to any e-commerce business and that is every customer expects their product to arrive as soon as possible or on time. It’s no surprise because every customer has an urge to want their product in their hands from the day they made the order. Just as reports state, customer’s demands keep on increasing and at such is the biggest challenge in the supply chain soon the demands show no sign of going down anytime soon.

Operating With The Global Market

As you already know supply chain involving the global market can be very stressful and uncontrolled. A supply chain dealing with the global market can be very difficult to handle since it involves different supply chain regulations and processes on a worldwide scale instead of normal regulations. Dealing with this is a real problem as a supply chain is supposed to be agile and able to adjust to any global situation.

Trust Between the Company and Customer

Another problem is the trust between the customer and the company when it comes to e-commerce marketing. A supply chain market should be able to draft out ways in which a customer can see his purchased items, the receipt, and the date of the address.

Those are some common problems the supply chain usually encounters.  How can we fix them? Well, let’s see how automation can help in solving some of these problems the supply chain may encounter.

Supply chain automated

Managing Orders Globally

The automation of the supply chain has helped companies in tracking, packaging, and picking of the customers’ orders. In turn, the automated supply chain can be monitored and organized to adopt tactical strategies for dealing with the global market.

Improve the operational efficiency

With supply chain automation, it becomes easier to give the customers the satisfaction they deserve. It is more cost-efficient, more accurate, involves less manual labor, faster and time conserving. Machines and robots also help a lot in the reduction of labor and time.

Improved the customer’s experience

By automating the supply chain, customers can easily make orders and see them get fulfilled. They can track their orders and see when they can get their hands on them. It also helps customers see their delivery date and create a business opportunity for people.

Increased trust between Business and Client

With supply chain automation, business becomes more trustworthy as the client can see what he is purchasing. The client will also receive an electronic mail or invoice to access clearer details of the products purchased.

They say a journey begins by taking a single step. Enjoy the stress-free and labor free benefit of utilizing an automated warehouse where orders are placed and robots will find these packages, pick them and send them to the corresponding client without the fear of human error or package mix up. So many mix ups in sending the right package to the client have occurred many e-commerce companies and have made them suffer losses. It can all be avoided with trusted supply chain automation.


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