Men’s Luxury Bracelets to Start the Year Off: Gemstones for January, February & March

A very popular belief states that each month has its semi-precious stone. By wearing it, you will make the most of that month: you’ll be more confident, you’ll gain tons of energy, and, above all, you will not miss any chance the month brings to you.

The New Year has just started and we all want to step in with the right foot. If you choose to follow the gemstone belief system, you have every chance of boosting this wonderful year. You may ask yourself how you can use the gemstone system.

A very cool solution is to wear men’s luxury bracelets that have been designed with the most unique collection of gemstones. Some jewelry stores, like Balisarda, offer men’s luxury bracelets that fit every style and every occasion, be it casual or extra formal.

Men’s luxury bracelets are very popular given their colorful, elegant appearance that is combined with the deep meaning they have been carrying ever since ancient times. You don’t have to be an expert to choose the right bracelet for the upcoming month. Just check the following list and explore Balisarda’s offer to see which men’s luxury bracelets fits your style.

The following semi-precious stones are also considered birthstones, thought to bring good luck to those born in these specific months. If you’re born in January, February or March, you will benefit from wearing them. In the same time, if you need some support in the mentioned months, go for men’s luxury bracelets designed with these specific gemstones. You will be amazed by how well it works!

January is All About Garnet

The name of this beautiful gemstone comes from its appearance – the dark red resembles the grains of the pomegranate. Wearing this type of men’s luxury bracelets will boost your confidence, making you regain your inner balance. It is also made for those who are travelers, as it protects them from the dangers that occur when one is far away from home.

People who are born in January are known for being down to earth and tough-minded. However, they are overthinkers and tend to worry about many things when they are alone. This is why they need Garnet in their life – it is said that this gemstone shines in the dark and protects their owner from any negative thought or energy.

February – Keep Going with Amethyst

Amethyst was a stone used very frequently by the Greeks and the Romans who believed it kept away the intoxicating powers of Bacchus (the name itself means “not drunk”). For the coming years, Amethyst kept appearing in myths and legends from all cultures and religions.

As it is a variation of quartz, the amethyst purifies the mind from any negative thoughts. It is especially useful when it comes to work-related stress and it is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to those wearing it. If you are born in February or simply need this kind of abundance in your life, go for elegant men’s luxury bracelets that feature this semi-precious stone.

March – For A Promising Time, Aquamarine

A symbol of youth, health, and hope, the Aquamarine is a perfect gift for those born in March. You can also get this type of men’s luxury bracelets for yourself thanks to its blue colors that go well with any spring/summer outfit. The blue of water and the sky makes it a great gift for a married couple.

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