Creative Ways To Cover Your Patio

For many people, a patio is generally a place of escape. You can utilize it for things like sitting out in your backyard and relaxing, getting some fresh air, enjoying looking at nature, or just curling up and reading a good book. You can even enjoy your patio in the cooler seasons by firing up the hot tub. There are several styles that you can choose from in order to fit your personal taste and needs. Besides making it more cozy, adding a cover to your patio has several other benefits.


  • Often increases property value
  • Provides a space for entertainment
  • More comfortable and private space to relax
  • Keeps your house cooler in the summer months by blocking direct sunlight



A metal patio cover, although not a new concept, is very modern in style. This type of cover would most certainly look out of place on something like a Victorian or country style home. A modern or minimalist style house, with sharp architectural lines and designs would suit best with this type of patio cover.

Generally, aluminum is the type of material that is used for a metal patio cover. It’s used for its strength, being lightweight, and it does not rot. Another benefit is that it deflects light away from the patio, in turn, making the environment cooler.


Some people opt for a cloth cover. The cloth cover is usually made of a natural and synthetic blend. The options are vast when it comes to the countless colors and styles to choose from. Seeing as though you can pretty much customize the style and color to your liking, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that you like. The greatest benefit to having a cloth patio cover, is that it is not stationary. If you’d like to work on your tan a little bit, just retract the cover. If you’d like to have a little shade while reading your book, simply pull it back out.


A laser cut design is a very interesting take on patio covers. So, it starts off being a metal slate, and you can customize it by having various designs cut out in order to form a pattern. The metal slate is usually held up by metal beams that are spaces apart far enough to show off the design that it is holding up, while maintaining support. When it comes to the different designs the options are endless, some may opt to have leaf shapes cut out all-around the cover, others may prefer vines, or birds, the options are endless. For this reason, you can anticipate the price point being a little higher than other patio cover options.


This option is not used very much as its counterparts, but it’s still a perfectly viable option for you to consider. One thing to keep in mind is that you will not have any protection from direct sunlight. Also, I would not recommend it for those that may live down cliffs, such as a spot that has a lot of boulders in the area. If you opt for a glass patio cover, it may just be for aesthetic pleasures only.


One cannot argue against how elegant and beautiful this style patio cover is. You’ll instinctively want to pour a glass of wine as soon as you enter your patio, even if you don’t drink. One of the main benefits of Roman shades are that you have control over how much exposure and sunlight you want over your patio. The rows can be individually adjusted and retracted to fit your mood for the moment.


One of the most well loved and classic styles available, a wooden patio cover fits into any style construction. Whether you have a modern, classic, Victorian, or country style home, you are certain to find a wood patio cover to fit perfectly into the ambiance in which you’re aiming to achieve.

A wood patio cover instantly creates a warm, inviting, and rustic vibe to your setting. It fits into any season and you also have the option of redecorating it while spending very little money. Just think about all of the types of wood, and wood finishes that you have to choose from. You can go from a light golden finish, transparent white finish, to a black finish with just a few swipes and a few dollars.


Now that we have given you a bunch of options to choose from, along with their benefits, you’re well on your way to making a decision on what type of patio cover that you’d like to bring to your home. Think of all of the family cookouts, wedding parties, or just relaxing with a good book that you can do on your new patio. Not to mention, that with the right planning, your patio is something that you can enjoy all year round!

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