Can You Use CBD Cream for Knee Pain?

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Knee pain can be incredibly debilitating and can leave you struggling to perform day to day tasks. It can affect your sleep and your ability to work or enjoy your favorite leisure activities.  Unfortunately, it can also be rather tricky to treat.

How is Knee Pain Usually Managed?

Traditional medicine relies on a combination of physical therapy and pain medication to manage knee pain. While this can be effective there are many downsides to taking painkillers. Opioids are often used for severe pain and can be habit-forming. In addition, some NSAIDs can damage the stomach lining, making them unsuitable for long-term use.

CBD Could Be a Better Way

CBD oils and creams are becoming popular with people who want milder and more natural options for coping with pain. CBD is a natural compound which is extracted from hemp and marijuana plants. It acts on the CB1 receptors found in the immune system and the nervous system and works to relieve pain and reduce inflammation as well as improving both physical and mental wellbeing. However you must note that Pure Natural CBD is best

How CBD is Used

CBD can be taken orally, inhaled, or applied topically. There is still a lot of research to be done on how CBD works and how it can be used medicinally. It is hard to control the doses that are taken when you use a tincture or oil.

For this reason, CBD creams are often used to treat localized pain, such as knee pain.

The beauty of using CBD cream for knee pain is that it allows for two methods of healing. Firstly, the cream penetrates the skin and allows the oil to reach the inflamed parts of the joint. Secondly, the act of massaging the knee is itself healing, and helps to stimulate circulation, which means that the injury or damage will heal more quickly.

Is CBD Safe?

Unlike traditional medications, CBD is thought to be very safe and well-tolerated. There have been no recorded instances of anyone overdosing on CBD. Some people do experience mild unwanted side effects. however, these are quite rare. In addition, any unwanted side effects will usually go away quickly when the person stops using CBD.

CBD is not psychoactive. The link with marijuana means that some people think of it as being a ‘drug’, however, this is not the case. THC is the part of marijuana that gets you high, CBD and THC can work in tandem with each other but if CBD is taken by itself then you will not experience any ‘mind-altering’ effects.

Is CBD Legal?

Again, because of the link with cannabis, some people fear that by using CBD they might be breaking the law. This is not the case. Pure CBD can be derived from hemp, which makes it perfectly legal. In some states where cannabis is still strictly controlled, THC-containing products might be illegal. However, CBD creams tend not to contain any THC at all. They are made from pure CBD and carrier oils that are intended to make the oil safe and easy to absorb into the skin.

If you are thinking of trying CBD creams to treat knee pain, whether from a sports injury or from arthritis, be sure to read the ingredients carefully. Look for a cream that is made from pure CBD and natural carrier oils so that it is hypoallergenic, safe, and readily absorbed by the skin. Buy small tubes and use them promptly for maximum freshness, since the oils will decay if they are left open for too long. 

Remember that you don’t need a lot of CBD to get therapeutic effects, so massaging a small amount of cream into clean skin fresh out of a warm shower will do a lot of good.

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