Workers Compensation – Realities That Everyone Ought to Know

Carol Graham

Every state has workers compensation laws developed to compensate workers for work associated injuries. In some states it may be called worker’s compensation or worker’scompensation; however it is the same thing. While particular workers comp laws and systems differ from one state to another, there are general concepts relevant to all states. Here are truths everyone should know.

Not every company is needed to have workers compensation.

  • Every state has set a minimum number of staff members that a company needs to have before the company is needed to have workers compensation. The number may be one worker, however is typically 2 to 4 staff members.
  • If you work in an extremely small business, your company may not be needed to have workers compensation.
  • Not every worker is always covered. Most states acknowledge that organizations in some cases hire “casual” staff members and these staff members are not covered by workers comp.

You do not need to prove that your company did something wrong or was at fault.

In typical personal injury circumstances where you are injured, you need to prove that another individual triggered your injury in some way. To make it much easier for workers to get medical treatment and compensation for injuries suffered at work, worker compensation laws leave out showing fault. Whether a company was is at fault or not does not make a distinction. All that a staff member needs to do is prove that his/her injuries happened while at work.

You need to go to the medical provider to which your company sends you.

It may appear unjust, however your company gets to pick the Wisconsin personal injury doctorthat you go to for a work associated injury. And, if you decline to go to the medical provider that is selected by your company, you may lose your workers compensation claim.

Employers should pay the medical expenses of the medical provider to which you were sent out by the company. If you wish to go to your own doctor, you will most likely have to foot the bill yourself.Most workers compensation lawyers will manage workers compensation cases on a contingency cost basis.

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