Responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer

Under California law, insurance companies are required to settle a claim promptly and fairly. However, the process can be complicated and confusing for those who have no legal background or knowledge of relevant laws. Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can provide the essential legal advice and resources needed to help victims of insurance bad faith receive the financial compensation they deserve. However, if an appeal to reverse the decision does not result in a favorable response from the insurer, contacting El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers in Los Angeles experienced in handling bad faith claims may be the best way to resolve the situation. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the claim, an attorney can try to resolve the case by mediation or arbitration. If the insurer still refuses to settle despite the clear legality of a claim, an attorney may recommend taking the case to court.

Minor claims for personal injuries in Los Angeles may take about six months to reach a conclusion. Where severe injuries are involved, the time required for resolution is likely to be two years or more. The cost of litigation to the insurance company is much more than it is to the plaintiff. In most of the personal injury cases the insurance adjustor makes an initial offer and tries to settle quickly. If that effort fails, the company gets down to negotiating. It is an art, but time consuming. If a seasoned lawyer is appearing for the victim, he is sure to obtain a good settlement, provided all the details furnished to him are correct. The services of insurance company adjustors turned settlement counsellors are obtainable. They know all the ropes. Also available are online tools and software to help the plaintiff (the victim who files the claim).  This system is known as structured settlement, which is gaining popularity.

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