Why Do-It-Yourself Braces Are A Bad Idea

Tens of thousands of adults are trying do-it-yourself braces. Like a famous design student we won’t name here, they didn’t like their teeth and decided to get them fixed. But unlike that famous design student we won’t name here, they decided to spend a little more and wait a little longer to get good results from their orthodontist, someone like the Bowie MD Orthodontist Office, Bowie Orthodontic Services.

When you go to an orthodontist, you are likely to be given a choice between traditional and clear, “Invisalign” braces. Either way, you are going to spend several thousand dollars and wait 18 to 36 months before you get the results you want. But if you can’t wait to fix your snaggletooth and opt for do-it-yourself braces, you will spend less than $100 and get results in just sixteen weeks.

So what’s not to love about do-it-yourself braces? The problem is the results.

The initial cosmetic results from do-it-yourself braces kits may look good. They may make you as attractive as you hoped your newly straightened teeth would make you. The problem is, if you move a tooth that fast, you may do damage to the bone and gums. If you don’t move the tooth correctly, you could give yourself an overbite, or your teeth otherwise may not fit together when you bite down on food. This sets you up for rapid wear and tear on your tooth.

But a bigger problem is the potential for relapse. A tooth that has been moved with a do-it-yourself braces kit may return to its former position in less time than it took to move it with the kit. Or that tooth may move only part way back to its original position, because adjacent teeth have been pushed out of kilter.

That brilliant design student who came up with the idea for self-service orthodontic work has an innovative solution to this complication of his procedure. He is fabricating night-time retainers in his machine shop. These cheap, custom-made retainers will keep his teeth in place, so he doesn’t have to worry about damage to teeth and roots from accelerated orthodontic work. If you have your own machine shop and your own 3-D printer and your own background in industrial design, you can make your own retainers, too.

The blogger who has been showing the world how to do their own orthodontic work admits that one his motivations was to “stick it to the orthodontic industry.” However, he admits that this approach can “go horribly wrong.” Indeed, it has. One do-it-yourselfer tried using rubber bands to narrow the gap between his two front teeth. The band migrated into the gums. This pulled the teeth together, and also killed their roots, resulting in the loss of both teeth. Instead of two teeth with a gap between them, he now has no teeth at all.

When you want to get braces Bowie MD In Bowie, MD is a better option for you. It sounds great to play Robin Hood, but without proper orthodontic supervision even “free” braces aren’t worth what you pay for them. For your braces Bowie Orthodontic Services (Labbe Family Orthodontics) is a safer option, and you won’t be shopping around for dental implants a few years from now.

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