What are the types of hair bands for women in the market?

Clare Louise

The hair bands are awesome. They are perfect to be used with more sophisticated looks, but also give a special shine in everyday clothes. These big hair bands also resemble the delicacy and charm of the ballerina style and can be combined with bun. If you’re looking for an elegant, minimalist look, use the straps with the strings attached to an unpretentious low tail.

Why it is so stylish?

The influence of retro fashion has brought back another accessory – the hair bands. And if you think they only fit together in a childlike look, that’s where you’re wrong. There are different ways to wear and various designs that match modern looks. There are hair bands made of cloth, printed, with flowers, sparkles, and various cuts, etc. And, in addition to the traditional way of wearing the headband, it is also possible to use the item to tie bun and low ponytails.

Strip with loose hair and bangs

The most basic way to wear a headband hairstyle is with loose hair. Although simple, it helps to add a special touch to the look. If you do not need to use the fringe, the tip is to leave the band in the middle of the head and the fringe forward.

Strip with loose hair without bangs

For girls who do not use the bangs, the tip is to put all the hair back and leave the band at the beginning of the head.

Strip with hair stuck

Wearing the hair inside the band is a lot hippie, but using more modern and sophisticated fabrics and the colors, the look can be very fresh and cool.

Strip with afro puff

Afro puff is a darling curly hairstyle and looks great with a stripe on the hair. The tip is to opt for a thinner model that does not compromise so much hair.

Strip with bun all stuck

Coke is one of the simplest and most versatile hairstyles, after all, it can be sophisticated or basic. If the idea is to make the look even more modern, a headband may be the ideal choice.

Track with space buns

And if a bun is good, imagine two? The space buns hairstyle has fallen in the taste of bloggers because it is super cute and cool. The track will fall very well in this production.

Strip with hair all over the side

Tossing your hair to one side is always a practical option to innovate your look. Add the headband to your hair and you’re done – you have a simple and very beautiful hairstyle.

Banner with shiatsu hairstyle

One of the trends of the moment is the “Shih Tzu Hair”, hairstyle inspired by the puppy of this breed, who usually walks with a bow at the top of the head. The band can fall like a glove to enhance the look.

Ponytail strap

Another classic hairstyle that can gain a special touch with the headband is the ponytail. Just use the accessory to secure the wires and your look will look more modern and sweet.

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