Smartest Christmas Gift You Would Cherish

New Year’s gifts are one of the most joyful elements of the winter holidays. How can everyone expect a miracle – a special gift that will bring joy and good fortune and, possibly, will remain for many years. Gifts are both a tribute to tradition and an occasion to make yourself and your loved ones happy.

Gifts for loved ones

A gift for a loved one is always individual, you choose it, knowing for sure that you will like it or come in handy. Mom collects porcelain figurines, and you remember which instance in her collection is missing. The son dreamed about the tablet all year. A friend loves everything that smells delicious: candles, sachets, essential oils and you are well acquainted with her favorite scents.

Such situations when the gift is obvious and it is not difficult to choose it, happen. However, the opposite happens when it is not clear what to give to a loved one who for many years several times a year has chosen something special. Of course, there are no universal recipes here.

But there are tips:

Remember if other people gave you something so special that you can repeat (if necessary, with changes) for another person;

A good option is a gift-event (a trip, a trip to the theater, a beautifully designed announcement of something important);

For those who live far away, a gift will be a letter in which you will announce when you arrive to visit (even if it is not about the near future).

Someone will remember the slogan “book is the best gift”, someone will present a certificate. A good and honest option is to ask relatives and friends what they want to receive.

Gifts for friends and colleagues

The situation is different with the purchase of gifts for neighbors, colleagues, distant relatives, or those who suddenly looked in on New Year’s holidays. Choose versatile gifts, but not soulless. There is no need to present people with souvenirs for which the name “dust collectors” is more suitable: figurines, magnets, candlesticks bought in the passage with a symbol of the coming year and other small things. You can easily send any kind of gift or the amex gift card balance that will reach on time before Christmas.

Purchased sweets and fruits

Figured pastries – gingerbread cookies with colored glaze of various shapes is ideal as a Christmas or New Year souvenir. Decorate the gingerbread cookies as Christmas toys by threading the ribbons, and hang them on the Christmas tree to give to everyone who “looked at the light”. Pack part of it in transparent bags, tie it with a ribbon or a red and white rope and take it with you to visit and work – wherever you meet people who are pleased to congratulate on the occasion.

How to congratulate yourself

To give yourself something for the New Year is not a whim or a whim, it is really important. Many in the whirlwind of pre-holiday everyday life, trying to prepare a holiday for others, forget about themselves and their desires. Not necessarily, but it is interesting to turn this independent gift into a ritual, pack it in brown paper and light candles.

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