Understand the basics of venetian plaster

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Venetian plaster is used for creating remarkable plaster finishes. Venetian plaster is designed in a manner that it is plastered in thin coats. You can use more than one coat to get the desired effect. Upon application they give a smooth and shiny surface and hence are also referred as polished plasters. It can be applied in different colours and designs. Get more information on venetian plaster with this link

A guide to apply venetian plaster

  • Understand plaster: Venetian plaster is a traditional method of applying plaster on walls with a modern name. It is a putty made from marble dust, fired limestone and water.
  • Tools needed: Application of venetian plaster becomes with the help of tools like steel trowel, sandpaper, eye googles, roller, etc.
  • Prepare room: Clean the room that is to be painted. Use a drop cloth for covering the floor. Venetian plasters are to be applied on walls and ceilings.
  • Apply base coat: Add tint to venetian plaster and mix them thoroughly. Apply plaster on the wall with the help of steel trowel or a drywall knife.
  • Apply second coat: Apply another thin layer of the polished plaster after an hour or two and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Finishing touch: The finishing touch is given by burnishing and applying a coat of wax for extra protection.

Types of venetian plaster finishes

  • Marmorino: Marmorino is a type of venetian plaster that has been in use since ancient times. It is used to give your walls a glossy, matte and even satin effects.
  • Scagliola: It is also a type of venetian plaster that is used to inlay marble technique.
  • Sgraffito: In this type of plaster designs are directly inscribed on the walls. It is a complex and an equally beautiful technique.




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