Tips on Choosing The Right Painting Colours For Your Home

Picking the right painting colour is very important especially when you wish to enhance the overall look of your home. When it comes to purchasing the right colour for your home, many things can go wrong ending up in not picking the right colour. If you are looking for ideas to pick the right colour for your home then this guide from Dallas Paints is an ideal option for you. 

Observe the colour and pattern of the furniture present at your home 

Most of the homeowners make this mistake of not observing the paint colour based on the colour and pattern of the furniture. They usually choose the paint colour similar to the furniture which narrows down their choices. When you have a lesser number of choices means you would not get the best. Don’t be limited in choices while it is recommended you to choose the paint colour that compliments the colour and pattern of the furniture. 

Neutrals always look decent yet attractive 

Neutrals are not about to say no to all present colours. First of all, you should decide where you want to get the attention of the visitors. Like if you want to make your walls attentive then going with bold is an ideal option while in this case, you need to have all everything neutral in the room. Of course, it would not be a great idea if the things if your home competes with each other and the charm of the home goes. Being decent and neutral can’t be compared with any colour. 

Use the rule of three 

According to processionals, if you use three different colours in the proportion of 60:30:10 then you will come out with the world’s best paint in your home. Paint your flooring, ceiling, and walls with the 60% of the dominant colour and then paint the 30% of the room with the secondary colour then at last paint the 10% of the room with any bold colour. 

Here, it should be noted that if you want, you can follow this rule else you know that rules are meant to be a break. You can also use your creativity to come out with something best and unique. 

Start with the inspiration 

Create a board for each room of your home and then start pinning these boards. Once you are done, you will get to know what paint you want to have in your home. You can get the inspiration from all around the things that you see. You just have to observe the things present surrounding you and then start painting a home. Like when you want to add the warmth to your home then using a slate greycolour will be an ideal option for you. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

There is no any strict rule that will tell you that which colour you should use in your home, but if you will follow the above-given tips, you will come out with the best out of the heap that will make your home stand out different from the others and people will compliment your choice. 


Written by Clare Louise

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