Stay Safe Snowmobiling with These Simple Safety Tips

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It’s no secret that snowmobiling is considered one of the most dangerous outdoor recreational activities. There’s a lot to understand about these powerful machines, and while having snowmobile insurance is an excellent safety precaution, here are some additional safety tips for snowmobile enthusiasts.

Enroll in Snowmobile Safety Classes

Some type of snowmobile laws and local regulations likely exist, and the best way to discover and understand them is to take a safety class. Learning what the guidelines are will help you gain practical knowledge and practice that promotes safety before hitting the snow.

Don’t Forget Snowmobile Maintenance

You can be the safest or most experienced riding around, but a poorly operating machine can present a host of safety problems. Make sure to have a local dealer give your ATV routine checkups as recommended by the manufacturer of the snowmobile. They’ll ensure your ride is ready for action when you are.

Use Proper Safety Gear

Dress for snowmobiling success by donning weather appropriate clothing and safety gear every time you crank up for a ride. The basic snowmobile safety gear includes:

  • Wicking polyester blend clothing and socks, avoiding cotton materials that freeze when wet.
  • Full face helmets or a face shield with googles along with a standard helmet.
  • Gripped riding gloves.
  • Heavy weatherproof boots.

Stay Sober on the Snow: Don’t Drink and Ride

Experts have compiled evidence that the majority of snowmobile accidents are alcohol related. Drinking impairs decision-making, judgment, response times and mood changes that simply don’t mix with snowmobiling. Keep the booze put away during riding trips to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Personal Safety + Snowmobile Insurance = Success

Following these tips and having adequate snowmobile insurance is the best way to enjoy this outdoor gear safely and confidently—with you and your equipment well covered and prepared for what may lie ahead.

Written by Paul Petersen

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