Continental tires for sale at Dubaityreshop  are built with subtle treading that leads to quiet but responsive braking and controls. Situated in Germany, the tire manufacturing giants have emerged as one of the highest earning manufacturing companies over the years due to their simplicity in designs.

Considered to be one of the oldest rubber and tire producers out there, Continental tires are made their first one more than a century ago, highlighting their sound experience in tire making and is now regarded as the fourth largest tire company in the world.

Continental tires are fast improving in their impressive quality in other fields such as power trains, groove tires and automobile interiors and fittings. The producers have an existing partnership with a healthy list of major automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Porsche, Honda, BMW, Chevrolet and Volvo which makes them one of the most popular and most reliable tires in UAE.


This category is basically designed for quiet and comfort in both luxury and sporting conditions. They are built for all-season purposes with a long wearing ability, impeccable wet braking technology and fuel efficiency which makes for an overall meticulous performance.

Examples of Passenger tire varieties are ; , ProContact GX, SureContact RX, ContiProContact, ProContact RX, TrueContact Tour  ProContact TX, ControlContactTour A/S Tour,  TrueContact PureContact, PureContact LS


These varieties delivers powerful wet braking, solid traction, reduced noise and endurance. With its larger size, the tire is stretched further to achieve durability in surviving hard and extreme driving surfaces like gravel, dirt, and mountain roads.

Examples of Light Truck and SUV tire varieties are; CrossContact LX25, TerrainContact H/T, TerrainContact A/T, CrossContact LX, CrossContact LX Sport, 4×4 SportContact, 4×4 Contact, SureContact LX CrossContact LX20, CrossContact UHP,


These variants possesses SportPlus Technology that is essential for ultra-high performance vehicle, like speed racing vehicles for racing competitions in dry, slippery and snowy terrains while ensuring good grip and traction.

Examples Performance tires are; ExtremeContact Sport, ExtremeContact DW, ExtremeContact DWS06, ExtremeContact DWS,  PureContact RX, ForceContact, ControlContact Sport A/SPureContact, ContiSportContact 5P, SportContact 6, ControlContact Sport SRS, S


These variants are made for both medium and heavy 4×4 vehicles. They are designed with the all-season EcoPlus Technology used for both sporting and utility vehicles to ascertain good handling, wet braking, solid traction, and luxurious pedestrian driving.

Examples Original Equipment Tires are; CrossContact LX20, CW95, ContiTrac, ContiTrac SUV, ContiTrac TR, CrossContact LX , ComtiPremiumContact 2, ContiProContact, ContiSportContact 1, 2, 3, 5 & 5P CrossContact LX Sport, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS830, ContiWinterContact CrossContact UHP, CrossContactWinter, , ContiTouringContact CV/ TS830 P, 4×4 Sport Contact, ProContact GX, ProContact RX, ProContact TX


The Continental Winter tires are built for extreme snowy and ice terrains while ensuring solid braking performance and strong grip. They are also built for endurance is speed racing competitions while offering a quieter and smoother driving experience.

Examples of Winter Tyres; ExtremeWinterContact, WinterContact SI, CrossContactWinter, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS810 S, ContiWinterContact TS830, ContiWinterContact TS830 P.


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