So Much Variety In Fun Inflatables

Wanda Meyer

Inflatables are just so much fun. All ages can enjoy them and they are perfect for all kinds of events. You find them at local fetes, community events, birthday parties, summer BBQs, family get-togethers, even corporate events. Whether you want to look at inflatable slides, Canada, traditional bouncy castles, or something more modern there are all kinds of options on the market today.

Traditional inflatables

As mentioned there is quite a variety in types of inflatables now, but there is also nothing wrong with looking at the more traditional inflatables. Bouncy castles have been at children’s birthday parties for years and remain a popular option. Boys, girls, everyone loves a castle they can bounce in! You can get H frame castles, A-frame castles, different colors, themes, and even shapes.

Interactive inflatables

Another option that is more recent and very quickly growing in the world of inflatables are interactive types like the balls people can get into and bump into each other in, or the basketball courts, or obstacle courses, or bungee ropes, or gladiator style duels, or boxing rings for example. Children or adults can interact with each other and there is a goal or aim to achieve, sometimes working together, and sometimes in competition. Some are courses to go on land, but some even go on the water. Think about who is going to be using them so you can better narrow down the type that would have the most success.

Inflatable water slides

When talking about favorite inflatables you have to shout out to inflatable slides Canada, as they are immensely popular. There are several types but you can consider in general there are dry types, for indoors or cooler days, and there are wet types, great for near a pool or a water source on a hot summer day. You can get a huge array of types and sizes, from perfect for a small back garden to something massive.

Finding and repairing a hole in an Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable water slides are a huge amount of fun but damage can happen and it makes sense for you to know how to repair that if this is something you are buying. You can get a water slide patch kit from most places that sell and rent inflatable slides. First, you need to find where the hole is. Smaller ones are harder to find. If you cannot see it spray the slide with soapy water and then inflate it again. Where the bubbles come out is your tear.

Now before it can be fixed you need to let it dry properly. So to find that hole put some tape around it to mark it. Follow the instructions with the water slide patch kit to patch it up. Let it dry well for a good 24 hours and put it somewhere dry while it does.

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