Four places to visit in Cancun little known

Cancun, by far the essential destination in the Mexican Caribbean and the most popular in Mexico, this destination each year receives a large number of travelers eager to learn more about this symbolic destination of the Yucatan peninsula.

This exciting destination has crossed borders and has a large number of attractions and attractions that are undoubtedly known worldwide and that many travelers want to visit and enjoy when arriving at this great destination top of the Riviera Maya.

However, in Cancun and the Riviera Maya are a large number of attractions or attractiveness little known to tourists and can undoubtedly offer great hours of fun and discovery accompanied by friends or family.


This protected natural reserve since 1998 is located in Playa del Carmen, considered the heart of the mangroves, in which there is a small cenote called Xcacelito. This dazzling and small destination is one of the most loved by local people; however, it is little known by tourists. This attraction has more than 2 kilometers of beach and is one of the favorite places for sea turtles, so visiting this destination is one of the best decisions you can make.

Cenote Carwash

Only 7 kilometers from Tulum is this little-known cenote, so-called because before the existence of this cenote was known, there was a car wash (The real name of this cenote is Aktun Ha.

This cenote is perfect for snorkeling, as it is 5 meters deep, while in the cavern, you can practice diving, and typically the divers are the ones who enter this area.

Boca Paila

This tourist attraction is located south of Tulum, within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this bridge will offer you a beautiful view of the lagoon that joins the greenish water with the sea.

When visiting this beautiful attraction, it will be widespread to find a river crocodile.

Archaeological Zone of Coba

This Archaeological zone is undoubtedly a little better known. However, not as much as its neighbor, the archaeological zone of Tulum, this was a large Mayan city built in the classical period, has at least an area of 80 square kilometers. This archaeological zone has the great pyramid of NohochMul, which has 120 steps and 42 meters high, considered the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula.

How to get to each of these destinations?

Arriving at Cancun airport, you will find endless ways to get to each of these destinations, from taking the buses that depart every hour, however, if you travel with a large group, you can reserve a Cancun airport transportation by eTransfers.

What to wear?

Since each of these attractions is enjoyed by walking and enjoying them, the best option for you is to wear comfortable clothes that help you make long walks without feeling exhausted.

That was a short guide to some little-known destinations in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We hope you enjoyed them. Do not hesitate to pack the blocker and some bottles with water that will be of great help.

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