Quick Checklist When Preparing For A Business Conference Or Seminar

Carol Graham

Stepping up and finally gaining the courage to host a business conference or seminar within your industry is a big step towards brand recognition. The planning and preparation process is no easy feat, which is why it should never be attempted unless you are confident enough to pull it off. However, just because the seminar poses several major challenges and hurdles ahead doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

First time conference and seminar hosts, it’s your lucky day! Here’s a quick and basic checklist of everything you’ll need to prepare to ensure the success of the event:

#1: When To Start Planning

The more time spent on planning and preparing, the better the outcome. As a general rule for first time or novice conference planners, planning 6 months in advance for small to medium-sized events is more than enough. As for bigger conferences with more guests, the planning should start at least one full year before the scheduled date.

#2: Setting The Budget

Long before you can start to book the preferred vendors for the conference, a budget must be set. Make sure to add at least 20% for emergency funds. This is just insurance in case something does go awry and extra funds are necessary.

#3: Book The Venue

First and foremost for any conference is the location and venue. No event planner can successfully plan a seminar or any size without first booking the venue. A perk that often comes with booking a venue early are the discounts they offer. The early bird booking discount can reach as much as 10% off the regular price.

That’s budget that can go toward other conference must-haves!

#4: Sending Out Invitations

Get your guests excited about the upcoming conference by sending out invitations with RSVPs, if necessary. Choosing to send invites whether by traditional printed post or via e-vites allow event planners to estimate the number of attendees. Having an estimate makes planning for other conference needs easier and less of a hassle.

#5: Hiring business caterers

All events, seminars, and conferences must have food and drinks for their guests. Everyone will go hungry and thirsty, even if the event is just for a couple of hours. It is best to consult with business caterers at least three months before the conference to discuss the perfect menu items.

The more time the caterers are given to prepare for the conference, the better the quality of the food. Make sure to never book caterers last minute or the results can be disastrous.

#6: Accommodations

In cases where there are attendees that are coming from out of town, out of state, or out of the country it is best to secure rooms for their stay. Include the necessary information on the invitation and request for an immediate response regarding the number of rooms and guests staying.

Be clear, be concise, and be very firm when sending out invitations. Include all relevant information on the invitation so guests will know exactly what is needed from them to ensure the conference is a success.

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