Medical Lift Chairs: Ideal Companion for People with Knee and Hip Issues 

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If a person has mobility issues, then even a smooth transition from a seated position to standing seems a distant dream. Those people, who suffer from hip or back problems and have no leg strength cannot stand properly from a seated position without external assistance. In such situations, using a medical lift chair is a viable option. Lift chairs are electric-powered chairs that help users to stand comfortably by tilting the base of the seat to a forward position with a push of a button. Factors like the degree of recline and positions of the footrest are distinguishing factors of the different styles of medical lift chairs

Different Styles of Medical Lift Chairs

TwoPosition Lift Chairs: The two position lift chairs recline to an angle of 45 degrees. Powered by a single motor lifting mechanism, the footrest of the chair extends forward as the base of the chair reclines. In other words, the base of the chair and footrest operate simultaneously. These kinds of chairs are perfect for reading novels or watching Television for a long duration. 

ThreePosition Lift Chairs: The three-position medical lift chairs almost recline to a flat position. The body of the users remains in a slight “V” position with the feet and knees are higher than hips and the back. These kinds of chairs are recommended to those who cannot lie flat on the bed or spend considerable hours in the chair and prefer taking short naps. Like twoposition chairs, three-position chairs are fitted with one motor and footrest and backrest operate simultaneously.

Infiniteposition Lift Chairs: The infinite lift chairs recline to such a position where the backrest of the chair becomes parallel to the floor. These kinds of chairs are equipped with dual-motor systems, thus backrest and footrest operate independently. These chairs are multipurpose chairs and easy to position in different angles for sleeping, reading and sitting comfortably.

In the online market, some medical lift chairs are available in Trendelenburg and zero-gravity positions also. The Trendelenburg lift chairs are suitable for those people experiencing lower back problems as the position of the feet is above the head in these chairs. In zero-gravity chairs, the head remains at a slightly higher position than the hips. These kinds of chairs help in relieving spinal pain and improving blood circulation.

Medical Lift Chair Sizing

After deciding the style of lift chairs, the next important factor is sizing. Not every user can use every size of wheelchairs. Therefore, a person should consider his height and weight while looking for an ideal medical lift chair suiting to his requirements:

  • Medium Size: These kinds of lift chairs are ideal for people with height criteria between 5.4’’ to 5.10’’ and maximum weight up to 375 lbs.
  • Large Size: People with tall height (5.11’’ to 6.2’’) should buy large size medical lift chairs. The weight capacity of medium and large size chairs is the same i.e. 375 lbs.
  • Tall Size: It is ideal for uses with height 6.2’’ to 6.8’’.
  • Wide/XL Lift Chair: These chairs are the best to use by a bariatric user as they have weight holding capacity of up to 500 lbs and even seats are 2 to 4’’ wider than normal lift chairs.
  • Heavy Duty or XXL Chairs: These chairs have the largest weight holding capacity of 600 to 700 lbs.

Increase Functionality by Using Accessories with Medical Lift Chairs

In order to increase comfort and access, users can increase the functionality of lift chairs by using additional accessories like lumbar and head pillow, cup holders for keeping water bottles handy, storage pockets for keeping magazines and other personal belongings like wallet, spectacles, wallets, etc.

Spruce up Room Décor with Medical Lift Chairs

 Once you decide the style and size, then pay attention to the place where it needs to place. Look like comfortable recliners, users can change the fabric of the lift chairs and match it with their room décor. Fortunately, many models of medical lift chairs are available with over a dozen fabric choices. Thus, it is quite possible to match the lift chair’s upholstery with the room furniture colors.

Medical Lift Chairs with Advanced Features

If you are looking for technologically advanced medical lift chairs, then invest time and money in the following collection of medial lift chairs: Essential Collection LC105, Heritage Collection LC– 588 and Classic Collection chairs. The lift chairs of the aforementioned collection are equipped with advanced features like noise-free lifting system, leg levers, head and rolled armrests with covers, large dual pockets, etc. Moreover, they are easy to further customize as per users’ requirements.

These lift chairs are expensive, thus many people prefer taking these medical lift chairs on a rental basis also.

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