Foot Massage Pressure Points Explained

Do you know that our feet have points of reflexion on the right or left? You should know the reflexion points because it will make it easier for you to determine the point that should massage when experiencing an illness or other health problems. Order yourself a foot massager in Sri Lanka to simplify the process and get an overall experience.

Well, each reflexion point has its own function. Let us check the reflexion points and the functions according to the picture below:

The function of the reflexion nerve point in the head area

Number 1 Is a point of reflexion of the head/cerebrum right and left: To treat headaches in general, migraines, dizziness, severe headaches, stress, dazed, senile, forgetful, insomnia, and brain intelligence

Number 2 is the right and left forehead reflexion points: Its function is to treat front headaches, head blood circulation, forehead pain and treat vertigo

Number 3 Is a reflexion point of the right and left cerebellum: To treat back headaches, strokes, high blood pressure, neck pain and neck pain, insomnia, stress, etc.

Number 4 is the point of reflexion of the glands below the brain on the right and left: its function as the control and control of the body, regulate growth, overcome paralysis, as a regulator of the thyroid gland and reproduction

Number 5 Is a trigeminal nerve point centered right and left in the left: Its function is to relieve migraine headaches, overcome the spread of the virus, treat allergies, as a sensory nerve control of the face, nose and oral cavity.

Number 6 is the point of nasal reflexion: Serves to treat diseases related to the nose such as colds or flu, polyps and sinusitis and others

Number 7 is neck nerve: Its function is to overcome general neck problems such as stiffness, mucus or neck that are difficult to move right and left

Number 8 Is a point of reflexion of the nerves of the right and left eye: Serves to treat eye problems such as the eye tingling, watery, minus the eye, cylindrical, near and nearsightedness, red eyes, sore eyes and others

Number 9 is the right and left nerve point of the ear: To deal with ear pain, ringing in the ears, gout, mucus, lack of hearing and to overcome balance problems


The function of nerve points in the reflexion of the chest and shoulders

Number 10 Is a reflexion point of the right and left shoulder: Serves to overcome fatigue and aches in the shoulder, pain in the shoulder joint

Number 11 is the nerve point of the trapezius muscle in the shoulder and neck: to deal with shoulder and neck pain

Number 12 is the reflexion point of the thyroid gland: to treat mumps, facilitate the metabolism of the body, cure sore throats, overcome problems in the respiratory tract, obesity problems and others

Number 13 is the nerve point of the parathyroid gland: Serves to control calcium levels in the blood and bones, to treat rheumatic diseases, joint and bone problems, gout and others

Number 14 is the right and left lung reflexion points: its function is to treat general lung diseases such as shortness of breath, infections and inflammation of the lungs, coughs and others.

Stomach organ reflexion point function

Number 15 is the gastric reflex point: To treat stomach pain, stomach ulcers, flatulence, colds, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and other stomach-related problems

Number 16 is the reflexion point of the 12 finger intestine (Duodenum): Its function is to maximize the process of digestion of food and absorption of substances needed by the body

Number 17 is a reflexion point of the pancreas gland: Its function is to aid digestion, regulate stomach acidity and treat ulcer disease

Number 18 is a reflexion point of the liver: its function is to treat hepatitis, jaundice, poisoning and more

Number 19 is a gallbladder reflex point: To treat diabetes, aid digestion

Number 20 is the point of reflexion of gastric nerve fibers: its function is to normalize gastric performance and overcome gastric problems in general

Number 21 is the location of the adrenal gland’s reflexion point: its function is to regulate blood sugar levels, increase body energy and regulate sex hormones.

Reflexion point of the metabolic waste disposal system

Number 22 is the right and left kidney reflexion point: Its function is to treat kidney-related diseases such as kidney stones, inflammation, and kidney infections, to overcome gout, kidney failure, and others

Number 23 is the urinary reflexion point (Ureter): Serves to treat difficult urinary tract infections, etc.

number 24 is a reflexion point Bladder/bladder: treat prostate disease and bladder stones

Number 25 is a small bowel reflexion point: to treat typhus and dysentery

Number 26 is a reflexion point for appendicitis: Overcoming disease and inflammation in the appendix

Number 27 is the ileo valve’s reflexion point which is at the end of the small intestine: its function is as an appendix filter

Number 28 is the reflexion point of the large intestine rising (ascending): to facilitate the disposal of metabolic waste systems, overcome hernias, diarrhea, inflammation of the intestine, etc.

Number 29 is a transverse colon reflexion point (Transversus): to treat constipation, inflammation of the intestine, diarrhea

Number 30 is the reflexion point of the Declining Intestine: to treat diarrhea, constipation and lower abdominal pain

Number 31 is the rectal reflexion point: Its function is to treat hemorrhoids, overcome constipation and diarrhea, bloody chapter, etc.

Number 32 is the nerve point of anal reflexion: To deal with hemorrhoids, bleeding during bowel movements, constipation, etc.

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