Cardio enthusiasts have taken to jumping ropes in other to reap the benefits attached to cardiovascular exercise. We’ll take a look at whether jumping rope contributes positively to maintaining cardiovascular fitness over time.

Jumping rope can be a potent way to maintain your cardiovascular fitness. Although there have been doubts raised about its ability to improve fitness due to the low metabolic load it requires when compared to, for instance, running.


The metabolic load simply means how hard you are working and the number of muscles required for you to complete a movement. Jumping rope is limited in the parts of the body required to execute the exercise. It only makes use of the muscles in your core and legs and makes little use of the upper body. Running, on the other hand, uses the core, legs, ankles, hips, and arms. This means it has a high metabolic load.

The cardiovascular benefits you reap from jumping rope may hinge on your speed while doing the exercise. This simply means that, the faster you skip, the faster your muscles are going to contract. You are going to burn more calories if your muscles contract faster than normal. This will increase your fitness level.

For instance, a 155-pound person jumping rope for 30 minutes would be expected to burn up to 372 calories. This is equivalent to running at 6 miles per hour for 30 minutes.

It is important to note that any activity that gets your heart rate to a level will sustain it. It will not just sustain it, but will also maintain it at that same level. Get amazing steroids products from SteroidsFax.

Considering your options, you might not find this as appealing as taking a bike ride or running for 30 minutes. However, rope jumping is a perfect option for high intensity and reasonable cardio sessions. When you increase the pace while skipping, you can raise your heart rate within a short period of time.

If your sole aim is to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, then jumping rope is a great option for you.


The benefits gained from jumping rope are not limited to cardiovascular fitness alone. It helps you feel more comfortable while moving on the balls of your feet. It also builds ankle stability while training coordination. This can be highly beneficial to soccer and tennis players, and also boxers.

The benefits offered by jumping rope are not limited to sportsmen and women. It also offers many other benefits to non-athletes such as increasing injectable steroids for sale bone mineral density. For instance, individuals who performed 10 vertical jumps three times a week for a total of six months built bones in their lower spine and legs. Those who did not skip recorded little or no sign of improvement.

Finally, it has been established that jumping rope crosses the border of just increasing your heart rate and sustaining and maintaining cardiovascular fitness. It has other benefits that improve other day-to-day activities you might engage in.


Written by Clare Louise

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