How to properly plunge a toilet

Carol Graham

There are a few essential life skills that one must know how to do when they are living on their own or even when they have roommates. One of those skills is how to properly plunge a toilet.

It might sound strange that you must learn how to use a plunger but it’s true. Without practice and a quality plunger, it’s harder than it looks.

First, purchase a quality plunger that has a large and small plunging end on it. These are usually black with yellow handles and look a bit more robust than the $1 plunger you found at the dollar store.

The reason you want this style of the plunger is that each toilet has a different sized hole going to the pipe and this plunger helps create a tighter seal that gives more power when you are moving in and out pushing pressure through the hole.

How to plunge a toilet

Put rubber gloves on so you do not come in contact with waste which makes you ill. Do not try to flush until the clog has released and gone down.

With your gloves on, grab your plunger and push it down over the hole at the bottom of your toilet. Gently push in and quickly pull back on your plunger. After the first attempt is done gently, add more speed to the process and vigorously go back and forth back and forth until you hear the pipe release the clog.

Once the pipe has released the clog, remove the plunger from the toilet and let everything go down. Flush the toilet to make sure there’s no remaining clog and then clean up any messes you made.

Note – if you are going back and forth and nothing is happening after a couple of minutes, check to make sure your plunger didn’t flip inside out because that can happen easily if you have a cheaper model. Another thing you can do is alternate between slow and vigorous pushing with the plunger.

Not able to get the toilet to plunge? No problem. Call a 24-hour plumber and they’ll be able to come help you!

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