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Professionalism has become crucial for anyone’s career in this fast-paced world. The world around has progressed, and it has become paramount for youngsters these days to irradiate professionalism to make a place in the ever-competitive job market. And it has become equally important for seasoned professionals to be taken seriously. As professionalism and overall appearance go hand in hand. What speaks professionalism more than a classic Padfolio.

Padfolios are the current trend of a chic leather folder that fits all the required work essentials in an organized manner. Customised leather notebook is a must-have for those working and studying, giving you the professional edge and at the same time keeping your documents organized and safe. Once you get a leather padfolio, you will never find yourself in the hassle of hunting for a business card or a pen. There are different types of padfolios available in the market, but to find a padfolio that fulfills all your needs, consider the following pointers: 

  • Material: There are different types of materials available, that are used to make a padfolio, Like Full-Grain Leather, Top grain leather, genuine leather, PU leather, and bonded leather. 

Full-Grain leather is the premium quality leather. This material is tough and highly durable. 

Top-grain leather is made of heavily treated and processed leather. It’s mostly used to make wallets and bags. it’s not as durable as full-grain leather. 

Genuine leather is the lowest quality leather available. It doesn’t provide any guarantee for quality, though, it is composed of 100% pure leather, like full-grain and top grain leather. 

PU leather and Bonded leather are synthetic leather, they look and feel very similar to genuine leather, but their durability and life differ. 

  • Storage and design: Understand your needs and the purpose of your padfolio. Determine if you require a lightweight easy to carry padfolio or if you intend to carry your laptop and gadgets in it or if you wish to store all your important and work essentials in it. Depending on your needs look for either lightweight, highly compartmentalized or heavy-duty or Zippered.
  • Price Range: The price range of the product is solely determined by the durability, quality and the material used to make the padfolio. If you are looking for a padfolio that will last a lifetime, consider the high-priced premium quality full-grain leather. If you are open to changing your padfolio as per its life, you can pick a lower-tier leather or synthetic leather. 
  • Customization: It’s a simple way to add a personal touch to the padfolio, and yet maintain the elegant and professional look. A custom leather padfolio with a logo can help you identify and distinguish your padfolio from the rest, enabling you to find your padfolio if lost or stolen. It is observed that companies use a custom leather padfolio with a logo, as employee motivation aids and are also given to customers to show support to their endeavors. 

In this competitive business world, appearance and elegance matters. A custom leather padfolio with a logo can take you a long way in the eyes of your clients. As you see that a leather padfolio has several significant advantages to add value to your career. A custom leather padfolio is a trustable investment for people, looking for a reliable workmate. A custom leather padfolio can also be gifted to a loved one.

You can learn more about padfolios when you visit iCarryalls today. View our wide selection of leather ware and choose one that’s perfect for your work environment. 

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