How to Setup the Best PG Accommodation in Your Area

If you have an extra room or floor that is lying vacant, a PG accommodation can turn out to be quite profitable. It is the ultimate business when you are retired and earn some good amount while in your golden age. But as with most business certain investment is required.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want  a ladies pg, gent’s pg or just a regular family pg. the next factor is to note down the advantages that it will offer. For example- proximity to business sectors, best IT parks in Bangalore nearness to market, availability of food, stationary, basic hygiene needs, connectivity and more. Once you have these sorted out, you can start with remodeling the floor or room.

  1. Keep Clean Upholstery

A clean bed together with fluffy pillows and comforting blanket are a must. Gone are the days when the paying guests would lie on any stained mattress and sleep on an almost flat pillow. Proper curtains must also be there to maintain privacy. If your area is prone to mosquitoes do keep mosquito nets or diffusers to keep them out. Invest in comfort. It is not luxury, but ask yourself will you be able to sleep like this day after day coming home tired from your workplace. If the answer is no, then turn things around.

  1. Provide Basic Needs

If you are setting up a pg in btm for ladies, you must provide certain basic needs. These include a personal closet, proper lighting and fan for the use of books and laptops, sufficient charging points, hot water facility, hygienic bathrooms with commode, shower and wash basic, a full view mirror in every room and dustbins. If you also renting a cooking area, make sure to provide gas connection with basic utensils like saucepan, knife, peelers, teacups, plates, bowls etc.

  1. Hire a Cleaning Lady

Many PGs hire a cleaning lady, who clean the guest rooms every alternate day. They also run errands and do odd jobs when paid extra.

  1. Set Rules

When setting up a pg for gents in btm, make sure you keep some house rules like maintaining the personal area clean, not to loud music or too loud parties that can disturb the neighbors. Everybody should have freedom for get together with friends and family, but too loud music can be damaging. Prohibition of alcohol and drugs are also an important rule for some. Make sure all the tenants have a key to their room and the responsibility to keep the key safe must also be a rule.

  1. Keep Certain USPs

If you decide to open a pg for students, an extra factor can really pump up your demand. You can libraries in a section of your room, where the students can come and borrow books for educational purposes. The library can also have board games and table games for a bit of fun. Some also have Wi-Fi installed and Xerox machine and printers. They are kept as paid extras, if anyone wants to use them.

Written by Clare Louise

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