5 Tips for Picking the Best Center Table for Your Living Room

Carol Graham

Center table is what adorns the beauty of your seating area. No matter how lavish sofa sets or chairs you possess, the overall look is never complete without a beautiful centerpiece. You cannot merely set any table in the center of your room for sofas or loungers.

Imagine a flat square table placed in front of a stylish couch, a major put off, right? If you feel the pinch too, then you must avoid such mistakes and pick up one of the best center tables to complement your sofa. With so many center table designsonline, your mind might get stuck at the question of which one to choose. But, don’t worry, with the following 5 simple tips you will be able to choose the right one:

Size matters

Center tables decide the fate of the remaining space in your living room. They can either eat up all of it or spare you some. Therefore, picking a center table of the correct size for your room as well as the sofa is a must. It should give you enough space for movement while filling the gap in the living room. The table should be small in size as compared to any other large furniture pieces. There should be enough space that can hold a coffee set, showpiece, an indoor table plant, laptop, and so on.

Shape it up

Just like size, the shape of the table matters too. You wouldn’t want to add a center table that doesn’t suit the decor style. If you have a compact room, you can go for a round-shaped table topped with metal or glass and an open bottom stand. You can even choose designs such as a broken tree log, rock, or small cuboid. For larger spaces, you can go for triangular or rectangular tables with a glass top and crossed wooden log stand. If your seating area is bedecked with chairs or bean bags, it is recommended to pick a table with oval, round or cuboid shape. To break the stereotype of these common shapes, you can always choose an abstract shape. This works well and also adds a touch of style to the living room.

Go with the style

Now, when it comes to breaking stereotypes, it doesn’t really mean you have to go off track completely. It is going to be the center of attraction. Therefore, it is very essential to maintain the overall balance of colors, textures, patterns, prints, and more.This will enhance the element of style in your room.Traditional styles demand a wooden center tablethat is more on the elegant side with right curves and intricate motifs carved on the wood. For modern or contemporary decor, any geometric, bold, or out of shape design would be ideal.

Slim sofas would look best if paired with larger tables as they help ground the space in high ceiling rooms. On similar terms, a smaller setup with a few chairs would look best when paired with delicate metal or glass tables.

Functionality at its best

Hosting guests that include kids can keep your mind busy worrying about what can go wrong or what can be ruined. If you want to be worry-free about kids spilling drinks or food, then go for a center table design that has a tough surface or features a lip edge. You can even choose tables with storage options where you can keep your board games, magazines, books, remote controls, stationery, or first aid kits. Such tables are an absolute choice for smaller spaces.

It’s all about the material

The material speaks about the durability and strength of a furniture piece. Although wood is the most common and sturdy option, you can always keep other artistic options open for a choice. Materials such as MDF, tempered glass, metal, marble, acrylic, are good substitutes to wooden tables. They, too, are sturdy. In fact, tempered glass or metal tables are less bulky and more comfortable to clean. When choosing a material, keep in mind to check factors like its maintenance, stability, durability, and sturdiness.

Final Word

With so many center table designs, making a choice can be a little tough. We hope that the pointers mentioned above will help pick the best centre table. To sum it all up, know your requirements, usage, and budget well before buying one. Remember, in the end, how you put that excellent masterpiece to use and festoon your home will decide the final look.

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