5 most popular material for your home shelves

Clare Louise

Storage is important to be it your home, office, or business warehouse. You need to have spaces according to the need and utility. While drive-in spaces are a great option for large business storage, dexion shelving brilliantly serves the purpose in the offices. However, when it comes to home, storage needs more attention as it has to be both practical and aesthetic.  You need space to keep things safe and out of sight so that the home is well-arranged and does not look cluttered. Several different types of storages are needed in a home that serves different purposes. Several materials are available to create shelves for homes. You can choose them based on the purpose you are creating the shelves and the location you are going to place them. Here are some popular materials used for erecting home shelves.

  • Wooden shelves

Wood is the most sought material to build shelves for homes. The reasons that make them celebrated choice is the durability and impeccable aesthetic appeal. Wood gives a sophisticated and elegant look that no other material can achieve. Also, it is dynamic and can be coordinated with different kinds of home decor. It suits both traditional and modern settings. It can also be combined with other materials for creating shelves. Wood is sturdy and provides an excellent neat and smooth surface. You can choose from different types of wood according to your budget constraints. Recently engineered wood is gaining popularity as it is highly durable and can hold the eye-balls with a stunning look. Wooden shelves can be used almost everywhere in the home including kitchen, living room, bedroom, to enhance the overall appeal.

  • Glass shelves

Glass shelves are chosen for their visual appeal. These are not robust and durable and are meant for keeping light-weight things. These are most popularly used in the bathroom to keep lightweight towels, lotions, etc and provide an exquisite touch to your bath space. You can also install them in your bedroom or living room to keep ornamental pieces like photo frames, small vases, etc.

  • Metallic or steel shelves

Steel is the most loved material owing to its durability, sturdiness, and super-easy maintenance. It can be cleaned much easily as compared to glass and wooden shelves. These can bear considerable weight are often installed in the kitchen to keep heavy pans and pots. On the other hand, metallic shelves are more sleek in appearance and are placed in the storeroom, laundry room, etc.

  • Plastic shelves

If you are looking for lighter material to keep magazines, shoes, etc. plastic shelves are ideal for you. These are economical and a great choice for the children’s room. You can keep children’s storybooks, toys, even small blankets, etc. Plastic is also popularly used in home organization units and storage dividers.

  • Fabric shelves

Fabric shelves provide great extensions for home storage. These are extremely lightweight and can be hung on behind the door or inside a closet. These are often placed in well-hidden positions and can be used to keep several items efficiently. While their most common use is to keep clothes and bedsheets but you can use them to keep other things as well.

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