Creative fundraising ideas for 2020

Thomas Page

Encourage gamers in your community to hold a live streaming event with all profits going to your a big group together for better engagement and a real sense of fun and this can be a very profitable idea. Or simply struggling for fundraising ideas and need some help? Check out […]

How to Prepare for your fundraiser

Wanda Meyer

Long before the day of your event, start texting alums updates with current initiatives, inspirational reminders of the impact their school makes in the lives of students and, of course, their invite to the fundraising mixer. Consider holding your alumni fundraising event at an on-campus location—you’ll not only save money […]

 11 easy fundraisers


Find a restaurant that will host your fundraiser, set a time and date and then start spreading the word. Since the items were donated, all proceeds can go toward the school, which could potentially mean adoption fundraising for large amounts of money.  For the best preschool fundraising solutions, be sure […]

What are some great fundraising ideas for preschool

Wanda Meyer

People will walk away with some unique items and experiences, and your school can raise more money! What teacher wouldn’t love an educational fundraiser that promotes reading and raises money for their school? It’s so easy, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been hosting this fundraiser from the first day […]

All you need to know about MSME Registration process


In Budget 2019, there was an announcement about a facility for MSMEs to get 2% interest subvention from Government for incremental loans of Rs 1 crores under the MSME Credit Scheme. With entrepreneurship being the order of the day and many people doing something of their own, getting your paperwork […]

Which is better for an MBA: Christ University or Sri Balaji University Pune?

Clare Louise

Sri Balji University in Bangalore, Pune and Christ University are equally good campuses. In the rankings both institutes are almost similar. The key points when choosing an institute include: accredited institutes, infrastructure, faculty, specialization offered, records of previous placements, tuition fees, city preference, and industrial interface. Sri Balaji University, Pune Key […]

The Best Kratom Powder For Chronic Pain

Carol Graham

What strains of kratom powder are available and how do they promote good health? Kratom is grown in indonesia and comes in many different strains, which is why it is sometimes difficult to know which of them you should first try out. Here, you will learn more about the options […]

Simple fundraisers for 2020

Wanda Meyer

This is an easy fundraiser because many people forget to turn their bottles in and they are readily available to donate. The benefit of this fundraising idea is simple; it recycles materials that take a long time to decompose and puts money back into the pockets of organizations, groups, and […]

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