Why you should get custom cushioning for your office chair

Paul Petersen

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Do you hate the chair you have to sit in at work? Does it feel uncomfortable no matter what you try to do in it? Are you getting tired of telling yourself to suck it up and keep working? Then maybe it’s time for a cushion replacement

It turns out that trying to work through the pain may not be the best idea in the long run. Musculoskeletal pain after long periods of sitting is a common complaint in today’s workplace, but some studies have shown that having a comfortable chair might reduce those complaints. Other studies have suggested that having a comfortable chair leads to an increase in productivity. In other words, you can’t work or feel your best unless you feel comfortable in your chair, because it does make a difference.

However, you might find that just getting a new chair isn’t an easy fix. Getting a more ergonomic chair will certainly help, but everyone still has different body shapes and proportions. A chair that works for someone else might not work for you. Luckily, you can get cushions custom made for your specifications, so that you get maximum comfort wherever you need it. 

Companies like The Foam Factory can create foam cushions in any shape you can think of. Whether you need cushions for lumbar support, neck support, or tailbone padding, all you need to do is take your chair’s measurements and contact them for details and pricing, and they’ll help bring your idea to life. 


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