What To Expect During Marriage Counseling

There is a saying that when couples date, they wear a dating ring. When they are engaged, they switch to engagement rings. Finally, when they get married, they give each other a wedding ring. Give it a few years, they finally get to wear a suffer-ring .

Misunderstandings and quarrels are part of marriage life. Living with another person raised by different parents and circumstances will add to the complex uniqueness of a person’s character which our worldview may at times be in conflict with. If you feel like your marriage seems to be coming to a warzone or at least has lost its warmness due to the monotony of daily rituals, perhaps it’s about time to consider marriage counseling.

The Need for Counseling

When you and your spouse get into even the stupidest arguments again and again or perhaps would talk to each other with loud voices, there certainly is a problem. Sometimes, there are problems in our lives which we don’t or rather refuse to see and it takes another third person or party to help you recognize what may be wrong in your marriage life. At marriage counseling Colorado Springs, we cater to families who may be in need of such opportunities to step back and cherish love through mutual respect, listening to one another and enhancing family unity. Our clients come from the nearby States as well as some coming from abroad.

Getting Together

Marriage counseling does not necessarily have to take place with both spouses at once. Perhaps you would like to take the steps in stages. You can seek counseling as an individual then later on as a couple and even later on with other couples as a group. It helps to meet other couples who may be undergoing similar problems like yours and you can learn from one another.

What to Expect

In marriage counseling, your facilitators are just there to help you facilitate the spirit and mood of your relationship. Real change or recovery depends on the couple and all final decisions rest on them with regards to where their marriage life will go. Problems are not solved right on the spot. Patience is needed especially as the couple learns to listen to one another and accept each other’s problems and point of view as a whole with each other. The different marital stages will also dictate the kinds of problems and the way a couple handles them in married life. A young couple may have a similar problem with one that has been together for twenty years yet the way to approach the problem would be different.

Depending on the situation, your marriage counselor might even ask to meet you both individually. It might be uncomfortable for some. Expect questions that might ask one to reflect and reconsider things from different angles, something that hardly happens when a couple is too busy arguing who is right.


If you feel like our programs will suit you and your family’s needs, come and see our Marriage Counseling in Colorado Springs. The first step of opening up may be a challenge but the rest flows easily once the problem is acknowledged. Ultimately, the goal of counseling is to facilitate an opportunity for the couple to find themselves again and to return to the original ‘big why’ of their marriage in the first place.

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