What Kind of Choice Your Can Make for the Trampoline

Carol Graham

Buying a trampoline should be considered about its future users, we can save money by buying a small model can withstand a load of up to 100 kg, for example, or add a little money and buy a load of up to 150 kg which is a much better solution. If you want more than two / three children to jump on a trampoline, then you should buy larger models to support a weight of 180 kg. The trampoline blog happens to be the most important matter now.

Trampoline diameter

When choosing a trampoline diameter, you should know how big the area of ​​the garden is for installation, since a too large trampoline may not fit in small gardens. It will be safer for our children when they have more space for games. The principle according to which information on the number of people used by the trampoline should also be guided – the more people will jump, the more the diameter should be larger.

Mesh inner or outer trampoline?

Each of the trampolines used at home should have a safety net (models without nets are for gymnasts). Trampolines with internal mesh and external mesh are also safe and will protect users from falling out.

Safety net to avoid dangerous accidents

A trampoline with an external net (located along the outer edge) enhances safety by preventing the user from falling over. Trampolines with an internal net have an additional advantage – they separate the jumper from the rack so that he does not hit it, and that would not step on the spring cape. Trampolines are suitable for most users, and only those with a safety net are suitable for children.


When buying a trampoline, you must set the budget that you want to allocate funds for this. Accordingly, monetary resources should choose the size and model of a trampoline. As a rule, prices range from 1,000 to 4,500 dollar for trampoline sizes.


The trampolines withstand a very long time of use, thanks to the quality. Of course, it may happen that a certain element will have to be replaced, but by this turn of events we have all the necessary details. Remember that the durability of the trampoline is provided exclusively by quality and design. Trampolines from the company Trampoline Prom can withstand from 5 to 10 years.

What to look for?

There are several points that need to be checked.

Base – the trampoline must be strong and stable. You should look at how the legs are made of trampoline, whether they are stable, and whether they will stabilize movements well. Good for solving, double U-shaped legs or additional stabilizers that attach to the trampoline foot.

The frame – the thickness of the profile and the wall of the pipe is very important (should reach 1.5 mm) – when they are too thin they can bend or even break. The stands of the protective net should be thick and hard, and for this purpose they are covered with special foam soft protection. Touch the foam protection, make sure it is thick and dense enough to protect it from impact.

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