Virtual Phone Number- Start Making and Receiving Business Calls in Minutes

Carol Graham

A DID number or business number or virtual number is a number that is universally accepted for business purpose. The interesting fact regarding the virtual number is that it is not connected by any physical phone line, just need a broadband or internet connection to work. These are intelligent numbers used for business communications and can be utilized from any location. You may often heard about IVR greeting when, you ever called at any helpline or call center or technical support, these all utilize virtual numbers to direct or route the call to the person or technician or agent with whom you want to communicate with.

So, the client’s calls are routed to the correct agent in no time. All the calls are steered through this virtual number only, so, it makes it easy to track record and screen all the incoming calls. All received and missed calls are easily screened along with the duration and even can be recorded. Thus, virtual number gives complete control over consumer communication with the employee.

So, the main features and uses of using virtual number for business communication include:

  • Local as well as overseas or international toll free number
  • Call forwarding that makes easy and better communication with right person.
  • Live call transfer to specific departments. It also includes live conference by adding a third person, that can be a supervisor or any person from other department for customer help and support.
  • Voice mail if anyone is unable to attend the call due to busy route. Therefore, this feature allows managing all the missed calls. There can be text messages and e-mail for the same to maintain the lead.
  • Call recording service is available. This enhances and monitors the efficiency of employees so that they give their best. This acts as a performance enhancer service.
  • Call queuing and music during hold.

Due to all the features, virtual number is becoming the need of the hour for every big and small corporate business that requires public dealing. Some of the major advantages of using virtual number are:

  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness as compare to business output.
  • Enhanced customer service through quick reversions to their issues.
  • Higher creditability.
  • Can be used from anywhere to connect with any one all over the globe.
  • Advanced possibilities for marketing and keep track and make new clients.
  • Sustained and non-stop flow of communication with the clients or callers.
  • You need not to install any separate hardware or software so there is no mess. So these phone numbers are free from limitations created by hardware and software.
  • Through these numbers, your business will also run when you are offline. So there are more chances of business growth as it works 24/7 and 365 days.

Any business holder big or small already rooted or about to set up, virtual number from grasshopper alternatives such as Mightycall can help all in expanding business by establishing good communication between the clients and the owners. Just choose a number, add team members, your employees, and get started for calls.

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