The 7-step procedure to hire a CakePHP development company

April Wilcox

The choice of technology is a critical decision which you as the owner of your business need to take for company website. The technology which is extremely popular for web programming nowadays is php development service and in that CakePHP framework has gained quite recognition. So, here is a complete guide for you to choose the right CakePHP web development company. If you are looking for the best CakePHP development company, then use the points given below to finalize:

Step 1: Take a good look at the portfolio of the company first

The company’s portfolio provides you a detailed knowledge about so many things related to its ability, kind of projects it has worked on, and its area of expertise.

Asking for company portfolio will help you in making the right decision about whether the chosen company fits for your site or not.

Step 2: Check out the company’s website

It is very important to visit the company’s website before you hire the development company. Usually a development company will have an appealing and completely optimized site for their own business to showcase their expertise. If the company has good expertise in cakePHP website domain, then they will showcase their true potential on their site.

Step 3: Go through the testimonials of the client

Reading client’s testimonials on the company’s website will help you know about the customer satisfaction level, feedback and reliability towards them.

Look at the testimonials of the clients of your chosen company and find out whether they are experts in the field or not. Sometimes the reviews on the website may be fake, hence you should check out forums and review sites to get genuine feedback about their services and know the truth about them.

Step 4: Know about their work experience

It is an important step that will help you in taking rigid decisions about your chosen company is capable to deliver your project before the deadline without any quality compromise or not. So, if your selected company has the experience to submit cakephp web development projects on time, then you can rely on them.

Step 5: Find out about the working methodology of the company

Every company has its own working style. So, it is important to know the methodologies practiced in the firm you have chosen. Whether they take up online offshore php developer projects or they work in-house too, whether they use advanced techniques, tools or not etc.?

Step 6: Ask for a quote and see if it fits in your budget

Once you have checked everything, it is time to find out whether they work on hourly basis or charge per project. It is important to ask for a quote for your project so that you have an idea whether it fits in your budget or not. Also, find out about the payment methods they accept.

Step 7: Find out about their customer support services

In the current digital world, it is important that you get good customer support for your business to get 100% customer satisfaction. So, find out how prompt their customer services are.

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