Some Basic Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Losing a loved one because of someone else’s negligence is never easy to handle. If a person dies due to a negligent act of another person or organization, the surviving members of the deceased person’s family can file a case and ask for justice and compensation from the neglectful offender. This kind of lawsuit is also known as wrongful death cases.

You need to consult a skilled wrongful death lawyer fromĀ  specialised law firms such as Krasney Law if you have lost your loved one due to the negligence of other people. Moreover, the experienced legal team at Krasney Law firm is skilled at serving those who have lost loved ones from the following wrongful death case factors:

Standard of Proof

The standard of proof is explained by the amount of evidence required to make a statement or claim to prove in court. The responsibility of proof falls on the government in the criminal justice system; that means, it is not the duty of the defendant to verify the details of the crime accused, but it is the duty of the prosecutor to determine the defendants indicted. But the plaintiff has to take the burden of proof in a civil case, which is the exact opposite of the criminal justice system.

However, the burden of proof is dependent on the claim asserted, which is determined in the standards of evidence. Some laws of the standard of proof have some rules in place regarding what to do before a suspect is even accused of an offense. Evidence found in breach of a suspect’s constitutional rights will either be imputed out or put down because these pretrial standards are necessary.


When you experience a traumatic loss, claiming a wrongful death may seem frightening and baffling for you. Besides, if and when you can file a lawsuit is another issue which can be confusing.

There are many reasons to come forward with your legal claim after the death of your loved one, and one of them is the possible financial outcome from the claim. Although you will be hurt emotionally and financially after the sudden death of your loved one, you and the other surviving members of your family can obtain compensation. Compensation gives you an advantage for managing your current and future financial services since you cannot bring your loved one back through filing a lawsuit. The compensation from a wrongful death case can reduce the financial crisis of your family that was caused by the wrongful death. Furthermore, it will grant you a secure future.



A wrongful death may happen due to a variety of different things including faulty drugs, aircraft accidents, car accidents, product errors, and other types of negligence. When a person dies due to some reckless, negligent actions of a person, or someone’s intent to kill or harm, it is defined as wrongful death. A wrongful death is often the result of accidents such as aviation accidents, workplace accidents, animal attacks, truck accidents, train accidents, automobile accidents, negligence, motorcycle accidents, medical abuses, and products liability.


Breach of Duty

A significant question often asked by the courts is that if the accused knew the plaintiff’s risk of harm and failed to prevent the loss to determine there was a breach of duty of care. Besides, courts may also consider alternative options that could have prevented damages, such as whether the defendant could have taken other measures, used different materials or considered other adjustments or tried to place a boundary around a dangerous area. These options should be regarded as things that could have prevented the death. Afterwards, the court will decide whether these safer alternatives would have made the situation safer or whether the danger was foreseeable and preventable.

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