Remove and Reset The BIOS Security Password Comfortably Without Complications

Carol Graham

The contemporary era is the era of computers. Everybody irrespective of their trade and profession uses computers across the world. Eventually, anyone who has a computer knows various applications to operate the computer. However, there are some technical aspects which often make us confused and puzzled and ultimately seek the assistance of a technician. One such puzzle is removing and resetting the BIOS security password especially for the persons who just use the computer without a systematic formal computer education and are dependant on the computer for their profession. In a very simple understanding, when we talk about removing and resetting the BIOS security password, two basic components come to the discussion. The first is the BIOS and the second backdoor password.

The BIOS is the Basic Input-Output System and the backdoor password is the authentication information required to boot up the machine or the computer. Your computer’s microprocessor uses the BIOS to control the hardware initialization and the boot sequences. The password of the BIOS is stored in CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor memory. In some computer system when it is turned off a tiny battery in the motherboard maintains the CMOS memory. The BIOS password is considered essential to prevent unauthorised use of your computer by someone else particularly with an intention to harm.

Often, we get confused or find it very complicated to boot the system if the BIOS password is not known or forgotten. It normally happens if a user gives you the system without disclosing the BIOS password eventually resulting in non-booting of the system. In such cases, you can collect or reset the password from the vendor or manufacturer. Here, you typically need the backdoor BIOS password to reset the BIOS password. The backdoor password is created by the manufacturer in order to reset the BIOS password irrespective of user-created password. Sometimes, you can clear the user-created password by simply removing the CMOS battery or by using BIOS password cracking software.

Another easy method to change and reset your BIOS password in the case you do not access the backdoor password is to enter an incorrect or whatever password like information continuously to find a message saying, “system disables” and at the bottom a set of numbers. You can use this number in like sites and get a set of passwords for different BIOS brands. The third method to bypass the BIOS password is by changing the jumper setting. You will find the jumper or a number of pins with a small piece of plastic in the motherboard. When you remove that plastic the setting changes.

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