IT Staffing Strategies for SMB’s and Large-Scale Organizations

Human Resource executives in organizations strive hard to find the best candidates for hiring. The only way they can do the first evaluation is by looking at the resume of the candidate and gauging the skills according to the overall experience. However, many candidates lie in their resumes and mention about skills & projects that are not aware of.

There is no way to identify if a candidate is lying in the resume but the interview process might prove his/her real worth. What if the HR on-boards such a candidate or any other wrong hire in the company. It could harm the productivity of the other employees and could create a downward spiral in the company’s culture. Bad hires are like parasites and it is better to get rid of them before they spoil the other resources.

Organizations specialized in IT Staffing solutions can be of great value to an IT company as they collaborate with HR in the entire recruitment process. Staffing specialists like ManpowerGroup have people who have specialized skills in staffing, recruitment, and negotiations. ManpowerGroup offers innovative IT solutions offering Custom & Packaged ERP, BFSI services, Security & Solutions for a wide range of industries, and more.

IT recruitment is not only about permanent staffing but it is also about contract staffing or contract-to-hire staffing. As the title indicates, the major difference between permanent staffing & contract staffing is that permanent employees are on the payroll of the company with which they are employed whereas contract staff is only hired for a specified duration in a project. In many countries, many experienced IT engineers work on a contract basis as it provides them an opportunity to work on different types of projects and helps them grow their domain competency.

These are some of the recruitment mechanisms via which organizations can minimize the expenses incurred in staffing since a wrong hire in a permanent position can cost a lot to the organization apart from money! Apart from this, businesses go through lots of ups & downs and innovative workforce solutions from a staffing specialist like ManpowerGroup can be instrumental in volatile market scenarios to minimize costs and reduce overall expenses.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to try an employee time clock app or other rota software, like Deputy, to reduce company’s major expenses

Many IT solutions companies in India or IT services companies in India hire people based on future project prospects but those plans can go off track at any moment as those projections are also dependent on external market situations. Companies that have a good number of talented resources (permanent or contract) have different development models for engaging with their customers.

One popular model is the Offshore Development Center (ODC) where resources allocated to the project work in the company’s premises for their customers. The primary advantage of the ODC model is that it brings more cost-effectiveness, better visibility, and more value to the business. It reduces the overall operational costs and improves the productivity of the members involved in the project.

It also results in reduced turn-around-time (TAT) since there is a tight communication between the ODC and client (customer). Many IT companies in India, including startups, are also leveraging the benefits of the Offshore Development Center (ODC) Model as it is effective in reducing costs and generating timely results.

Rather than having an in-house IT staffing team, companies should partner with companies specialized in IT staffing like ManpowerGroup as their team members have proven experience & expertise in the staffing field.

How does your organization manage IT staffing and what are some ways by which you are reducing costs w.r.t. staffing, do leave your ideas/suggestions in the comments section…

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