Marketer AdvoCare Charged $150 Million by FTC 

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AdvoCare International, L.P.’s former CEO will pay $150 million. Besides, the company and the CEO won’t be allowed to continue with their business. This is how they can resolve the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) charges.If this is what you’re interested in and want to find the right high risk credit card processing for your company, you’re at the right place. 

AdvoCare Charged by FTC: High Risk Credit Card Processing

This multilevel-marketing company offering health and wellness products is nown for endorsements byceleb athletes, including bodybuilders and football players.Itwas involved in an unlawful pyramid scheme. 

Through deceptive tactics, the scheme made consumers believe they would raise money with no limits if they became distributors of its products.Specifically, the case refers to AdvoCare, Carlton and Lisa Hardman, as well as 2 other top distributors, Danny and Diane McDaniel. 

Now, based on the FTC complaint, Danny and Diane McDaniel have unlawfully promoted a pyramid scheme and helped others do the same.

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Multi-Level Marketer AdvoCare Will Pay $150 Million

The marketer required its consumers to pay $59 to for the distribution of their products. The consumers had to spend $1.200-$2.400 on its products for getting any form of compensation available, according to the FTC.

The company didn’t admit it’d been involved in the mentioned pyramid scheme and labeled Smith’s statement as “categorically false.” What’s more, AdvoCare still denies it’s ever been involved in any pyramid scheme. 

To sum up, AdvoCare must pay $150 million to settle the FTC charges. What the company did was to use deceptive tactics to make its customers believe they could raise money with no limits after becoming their distributors. 

The FTC reports that AdvoCare has been involved in an unlawful pyramid scheme aimed at attracting new distributors instead of focusing on retail sales to customers.

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