Here are the major triggering agents of erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the major disorders related to the congenital organs in men. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you have a penis erection problem. Your penis is not able to erect when subjected to sexual stimulations. This can cause problems while having sex with your partner. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that can happen to people of all age groups. It has higher chances of occurring in aged people who are above the age of 45 to 50.

Erectile dysfunction can cause your marriage relationship to become boring and miserable. Sometimes it can also lead to divorces. It generally happens in newlywed couples. When you surface this type of ED problem that time you can use generic medications. Fildena(Sildenafil Citrate) 200mg is a good option for ED treatment. So you can try this pills. Arrowmeds online pharmacy provide Sildenafil Coupon. So you can save more money using this coupon.

There are a few triggering agents that cause erectile dysfunction like the occurrence of some diseases, weight gain and obesity and too much porn addiction and masturbation.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction make sure you avoid these triggering agents as much as possible to remain healthy and sexually active.

Weight Gain and Obesity

If you are excessively fat then you have a higher chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is because; the fats first get deposited in the lower abdomen region in the human body. This can constrict the blood vessels leading to the penis and thus the flow of blood gets reduced to the penis. Thus you may have difficulty in having erections. To reduce obesity you should involve yourself in physical activities like sports, exercises, adventurous activities like hill-climbing, etc.

Heart-related problems

If you are suffering from cardiac problems then along with a possibility of some other diseases and disorders you can also suffer from erectile dysfunction problem. As the heart is not able to pump blood to the penis you may have difficulty in achieving erections. Heart diseases are one of the major factors behind the cause of erectile dysfunction. Get yourself treated by a doctor and have medicines. You can also do some cardio exercises like running and jogging. Do not push yourself just jog or run for 5 -10 minutes.

High cholesterol

Atherosclerosis is also one of the main factors that cause erectile dysfunction. It is a condition that causes your blood vessels to get narrow leading to less flow of blood through the arteries. One of the possible causes of atherosclerosis is the presence of high cholesterol in blood along with obesity as mentioned above.   This condition is known as hypercholesterolemia.

Stay away from foods that rich in oils and fats. Include fresh green vegetables, fruits, and cereals in your diet.


Diabetic patients also have a risk of having erections problems. When a man becomes sexually aroused a chemical called nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream which makes the arteries of the penis to get relaxed allowing more blood to flow through them. Diabetic patients have high blood sugar levels as a result of which nitric oxide is produced and released in lesser quantities. Due to this the blood flow to the penis does not increase and we have difficulty in having erections.

Neurological problems

If you have some disorder related to the nerve cells or they have been damaged by some accident or injury you may have problems in penis erections. This is because; as your nerve cells have become damaged they are not able to carry the signals from the brain as effectively as before. This may result in a lack of desire to have sex or no feelings to sexual touches and stimulations.

Addiction to pornography and excessive masturbation

Excessive masturbation and addiction to pornography do not cause erectile dysfunction but it can cause other health-related problems. It also affects the refractory period in males which is the ability to have erections after masturbation. If you masturbate too often your refractory period could be significantly higher.

Actually, masturbation has some good effects on our body too. It is very useful for fighting stress and anxiety. Avoid excessive masturbation and watching porn.

Erectile dysfunction is a complex disorder and can have different triggering agents which may seem unrelated. Some men because of their shy nature are not able to visit the doctor as they feel shy and embarrassed to speak of such intimate issues with the doctor. This is one of the major reasons why erectile dysfunction is neglected in younger and older men. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction there are many treatment methods available. Generic medications is a quick way for
ED treatment, you can get vidalista cialis 60 mg at Arrowmeds. You should avoid the triggering agents of erectile dysfunction as much as possible to lead a healthier life.

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