Handy Gives You Hidden iOS Features You’ll Want to Try


Apple comes up with a new iOS device every year and we get to experience new and exciting features. Recently, Apple launched iOS 13 that comes with a lot of new features. According to Handy, the new version of iOS that Apple has launched contains some excellent features that you may not be aware of. These are so amazing that everybody would like to try them.

The Features

Here are some hidden iOS 13 features that you will want to try:

  1. Direct scanning with the ‘Files’ app – The ‘Files’ app in the latest iOS 13 allows users to scan documents and save those documents directly to the device or the cloud storage with minimum effort. To do it, you just need to open the Files app, select the ‘Browse’ tab and then tap on the three-dot icon that is present in the top-right corner for scanning the document.

Just hold the device over the document that needs to be scanned and it will automatically scan the page. Another excellent option of this feature is that multiple pages can be scanned into a single PDF page and it can be saved to the iCloud directly and imported to another app.

  1. You can share photos without tagging your location – Another new feature of iOS 13 is that it allows the sharing of photos possible with or without any kind of location information. That means you will be able to strip the information of location from a photograph whenever it is shared directly from the Photos app. With the help of this new option, you will be able to leave the photo geo-tagged and you can easily view where the photograph is captured. Again, when you share the photograph across social media or email you can strip the location information and keep the information private.
  2. New volume indicator – A new volume indicator is another new feature of iOS 13. The volume indicator in this new version of iOS is relatively small and slides from the side of the screen. When you adjust the volume, it will shrink down to a small line. Apart from that, you will be able to drag the volume up and down instead of using physical volume buttons.
  3. Voice-enabled searching – The iOS 13 allows you to search on your iPhone with your voice. In iOS 13, you can notice a microphone on the far-right side and you just need to tap on the new icon for entering your search query just by your voice without the need to type what you want to search.
  4. Optimized battery charging – Charging the battery to full and keeping it for an extended period of time can damage the battery. The new version of iOS features optimized battery charging in which there is an option to prolong the life of your battery by preventing the battery from getting charged to 100%.


These are some hidden features of the new version of iOS devices that most users would want to try. According to Handy, although these features are not that great, these are still nice to have and a good addition.

Written by Clare Louise

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